Kroger Frozen Burgers are Awesome!

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Kroger Frozen Burgers

I was given free coupons for all the following products: Kroger frozen beef or turkey burgers, Kroger hamburger or slider buns, Kroger chips and a Big K soda 12 pack. This provided a great opportunity to have a family grill out.

I was tempted to try the new Kroger frozen slider beef patties, but wasn’t sure if they’d get too dry if cooked on a charcoal grill, so I decided to go with their ground chuck patties. I would have chose ground round patties for less fat, but they don’t offer those – the choice goes from ground sirloin to ground chuck. If cooking inside I choose ground sirloin, but, like the sliders, I was afraid they’d get dry on the grill. The ground turkey patties would have been a good option for fat/calories, but we all just didn’t feel the trade off was worth it! Kroger offers a lot of choices in buns, including wheat, white,etc. I got one pack of Kroger hamburger buns in a “lite” version for those trying to watch their weight. Kroger has all different choices in chips including regular, wavy, cheddar and sour cream and barbecue. We chose to get the barbecue variety, since this type are liked by many, but still are a little different.

A choice of Big K soda flavor was tough, but since we are never as happy with “generic” cola, we decided to get something else. They offer some unusual flavors such as black cherry, orange cream and vanilla cream.  We got diet citrus drop, which I see as Kroger brand version of Mountain Dew.  We made a very simple meal using all these items. The burgers were thrown on the grill frozen and cooked very nicely.  They were moist and tasty.  We had regular and lite buns, but with the charcoal grilled taste of the burgers, I saw no real difference in the taste of the two. I was honestly not sure about whether we’d really like the Kroger barbecue chips since we do not like their wavy version as well as brand name. We DO like most Kroger store brand items and  as well, though, and I think the empty chip bag serves as proof that these were a hit. The Big K citrus drop soft drink was a nice treat, I thought it was very refreshing.  I don’t drink Mountain Dew often, so am not sure if those that do would like it as well, but we enjoyed the flavor.

I was given .40 coupons for Kroger chips or ice cream and Big K soda and have shared them with others.  I am anxious to try a new Kroger ice cream flavor, Smores, so plan on using one of these coupons myself to buy this. Kroger ice cream is excellent, so I find little reason to buy brand name ice cream over Kroger brand. The only reason I choose the brand name is if the price is less or they offer a variety Kroger doesn’t make.

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