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Were you raised in a home without a father?  Were you raised in a home with a father, but never felt like he loved you?

A friend of mine was that little girl.  Her own father was only around for about eight months after she was born.  She went on to be raised in a home with three stepfathers.    She always felt like her mother chose the newest husband or boyfriend over her siblings or her.  She never had a Good Good Father.

Good Good Father

It wasn’t until my friend was a twenty five year old woman and a military wife, living in a foreign country when she saw a church across the street, and suddenly knew it was the place she was supposed to go.  She met people there who she says, “Totally changed my life.”

About ten years or so later, this amazing woman came into my life.  I was then the Sunday School teacher for one of her children.  As a military family, they left here a few years later.

During this time away, my friend was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  Unbeknownst to her, I was diagnosed around the same time.  The family again received orders to come back to our area.  I no longer attended the same church, but my best friend did.  She decided that these two women, once connected by faith, needed to reconnect with their faith and their newly diagnosed disease.

It was after this second return that the family was destroyed by the father’s infidelity and divorce.  Sadly, many people in the church knew about the infidelity.  It destroyed my friend.  She was diagnosed with PTSD.  She lost many friends, but thankfully she never lost her faith.

The divorce drug on for five and a half years.  The legal battles have been tremendous.  My friend ended up losing custody of the two youngest children.  The next day, she reached out to me and thanked me for being her friend and told me goodbye.  I knew that she was suicidal.  Thankfully, God brought her through the storm.  She survived.

The battles have been difficult, but she has never given up her faith.  She has grown discouraged and made choices she later regretted.  Yet remains grateful for her Father’s undying love for her.

Today was her last legal battle.  It was a victory, of sorts.  The moment everything was settled, she stopped and apologized to God for ever doubting that He would see her through this last struggle.

Footprints in the Sand

Footprints in the Sand

Tomorrow, my dear friend will pack her last few belongings, and move out of my house.  As she was packing tonight, I gave her my copy of Footprints in the Sand aka Footprints of God.  We read it together and shed a few tears.  She knew exactly why I was giving it to her.

Good Good Father

I also surprised her with this rhinestone Jesus pin.  I pinned it on the sun visor of her car.  I told her that it was a reminder that He is always watching over her.

After all, He is a Good Good Father.

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