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Yurbuds Discount#GetMotivated with Yurbuds to Get Active and Healthy

Whether they’re called New Year’s Resolutions or goals for the coming year, many people strive for losing weight and getting healthier every January.  Of course, there’s no reason to wait on a new year to get motivated and get healthy.  On July 1, 2013, I saw my doctor who confirmed something I suspected for about a month.  A phone call motivated me to get it together, lose weight, and get healthier.  I couldn’t wait for a new year to start, I was diagnosed with diabetes.

I immediately changed my diet, I started eating things I never thought I would put in my mouth.  I created new recipes and decided that I liked things like Brussels Sprouts!  However, I knew that I needed to change more than my diet.  I increased my water consumption and forced myself to drink, even if I didn’t feel like I was thirsty.  It was good for my insides and I moved a little more often.  😉

I downloaded a movement tracking app to my phone.  I looked forward to my daily notifications which told me how much I moved the day before.  It motivated me to get up and move a little more, just to watch those numbers change from day to day.  Like most people, music motivated and focused me whether I was driving down the road, doing yard work, or using the exercise bike.  I plugged in the headphones and I was ready to go.

I am happy to report that after five months of these changes, I lost 25 pounds and dropped from a size 22 jeans to an 18.  My diabetes is now under control.  I’m able to wear clothes that I haven’t worn in years.  We’ve even rearranged my craft room so that we can work out more often in the house with these cold winter months upon us.

Polar Heart Rate Monitor

My sweet friend, Kristin, uses the Polar Heart Rate Monitor while she’s working out and loves to jam with tunes like Katie Perry’s Roar and Rihanna’s We Found a Love.  These are the kind of songs that get her pumped up and motivated to keep going.  However, my dear friend Cyndy, uses the Fitbit.  She said that it keeps her honest. In a month, she learned she wasn’t pushing herself as hard as she thought she was.  Sometimes she didn’t get half as much activity in as she thought she had. She used some apps before and liked them but found the Fitbit works better for her.  Cyndy and I have very similar taste in our workout music though.  We both love a mix of 80s, disco and some of the new stuff.  Can’t tell that we were girls in the 80s, can you?

Whether you’re using one of the many tracking devices available at Best Buy like Fitbit, Nike, Misfit, Pebble, Jawbone, Polar or Striiv or use a free app on your phone, a good set of headphones is essential to keep those motivating beats flowing so that you’re up and going!  This is something I really have a problem with though.  My ears are obviously tiny.  It hurts when I put most earbuds in my ears,.  It doesn’t matter what type of covering they use, the size, or shape.  Once in a blue moon, I will find a set that works for me, but then I have the joy of the wires to tangle me up.

Yurbuds DiscountStudies have shown that music can increase the intensity and duration of a workout by as much as 15%.  But, many people miss out because their earphones hurt and fall out during active use.  yurbuds are ergonomically designed for comfort and exceptional fit, while providing best-in-class audio quality and durability.  yurbuds has a goal to empower everyone to push past their barriers, reach new personal bests, and neverstop through exceptional products and services to help them.

Cut the cords and unleash your inner athlete with the Inspire Limited Edition Wireless Sport Earphones. These Stereo-Bluetooth® (Compatible with all Bluetooth® devices) earphones lock in place comfortably so they never hurt and never fall out. The 15mm drivers provide the biggest sound available, providing the motivation you need to #neverstop. These sweat and water resistant earphones feature full track & call control with a wind-blocking microphone designed for call clarity. The athlete tested battery lasts up to 6 hours and provides visual and audible indicators when running low.

From now until 2/22/14, take 20% off all yurbuds products both online and in-store.  Receive a $5 Best Buy Gift Card when you purchase a qualifying Health and Fitness product at a Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores.

Maybe with a good set of earphones, I will get motivated to lose another 25 pounds in the next six months!  Wish me luck.


  1. Congrats and good luck on continued progress!

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