Fuego Crew Socks Help Get Rid of Stinky Feet

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Fuego Socks for Stinky FeetFuego Crew Socks Help Get Rid of Stinky Feet

When I first learned of the Fuego Crew Socks for people with stinky feet, I jumped at the chance to review them.  My daughter was born with the feet of a high performance male athlete.  You know, like the football players who do two-a-days in the middle of the summer heat, wearing the same pair of socks without washing them ever.  Then those same socks are worn all season, for every game and practice for good luck.

This is the message I sent when I asked to review the Fuego Crew Socks for people with stinky feet:

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pick me to review these socks for you!!! My daughter has HORRIBLY STINKY FEET! When she was as young as a year old, her feet were as stinky as her daddy’s and he spent the day wearing leather combat boots! They’ve only gotten worse over the years. She’s 18 now and her feet exceeded the smell of her father’s feet – long, long ago!

It’s not a joke.  When she was as young as a year old, her feet were horribly stinky.  You know how a lot of people play with little kids about their feet being stinky, pretend to smell them, and that sort of thing?  Well, her feet were so bad that you really couldn’t do that with her because she really did have stinky feet.  So, playing the stinky feet game was limited to right after bed.

My ex-husband was in the Army and truly wore leather combat boots to work every day.  His feet never bothered me as bad as her feet do, but I’ve also had two sinus surgeries since those days.  😉  Being a mostly girlie girl, she doesn’t wear leather combat boots, but wears all kinds flats.  They’re made of a variety of materials, some natural and some man made.  It doesn’t matter what the shoes are made of or how long she wears them, her feet and shoes are quite odoriferous when she takes them off.

We were hopeful that the Fuego Crew Socks for people with stinky feet would make a difference for her.  We were quite impressed.  On test day, she wore them in 90* weather for an entire afternoon of running errands.  After coming home and taking off her tennis shoes and socks, we were blessed with NO stinky feet!

I also wore a pair of the Fuego Crew Socks for people with stinky feet around the house for several days.  They’re very comfortable.  They were way huge on me, as my daughter wears a size 10 and I’m a 7, but I had no complaints about the fit or comfort and neither did my daughter.  While I’m not familiar with most of the materials the socks are made from, it’s soft and breathable.

While there’s no guarantee the Fuego Crew Socks for people with stinky feet will work for those with stinky feet in your household, they are greatly appreciated by people with noses in my household!

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE FABRIC: Prolen Siltex 77% / Polyamide20% / Lycra 3% / Silver 60ppm with maximum cushioned comfort to PREVENT PAINFUL BLISTERS.
  • DRIVE PERFORMANCE: Run faster, play basketball better, smash tennis balls with confidence because you never have to think about your crew socks, just your game.
  • SMELL BETTER: Antibacterial silver nanoparticles kills bacteria in vitro reducing/eliminating those deadly smells.
  • ANTI SLIP: “Y” shaped deep heel pocket ensures that the sock fits the contours of the foot so perfectly and WILL NOT SLIDE DOWN!
  • MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY:  We’re so confident you’ll LOVE these elite performance crew socks, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you aren’t happy with this product for ANY reason, we’ll give you a Full Refund!

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  1. Sounds exactly like my daughter! She and her dad tie for stinkiest feet in our house!

  2. I know two young men size XL in need of a remedy for stinky feet!

  3. I don’t have this severe of a problem, but my daughter and I both encounter this issue at times – DD has wide feet – she wears men’s size 10 (or 9 1/2 W)

  4. My teen son is the owner of the stinky feet! We haven’t tried special socks, but we have used odor eater inserts and his odor overwhelmed them!

  5. My husband could use these socks – when you put him in sneakers for the day the resulting foot odor issue is definitely upped. I do appreciate that odor ridding socks are on the market

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