Fat Hair Advanced Repair Amplifying Products Gave MS Do Fabulously Fat Hair

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Fat Hair Amplifying Gave me Fabulous HairFat Hair Fat Hair Advanced Repair Formula Products Gave me Fabulous Hair

Have you ever tried the Fat Hair Advanced Repair Formula products?  I tried the full line  for the first time this week and they completely blew my socks off!

Fat Hair Advanced Repair Formula products has three specific style guides that will help you achieve the look you desire.   Each style guide gives step by step directions on how to achieve the look and what product to use when.

  • Long & Lustrous
  • Short & Sexy
  • Flirty & Full

My hairstyle is something in between the first and last styles or so I think anyway.  I started out with the shampoo, washed twice, and conditioned.  After my hair was towel dried really well, I added the Fat Hair Advanced Repair Formula Mousse.  Mousse isn’t listed in the steps, but my hair feels naked without mousse.  I allowed my hair to air dry, then applied Fat Hair Advanced Repair Amplifying Mist from roots to ends on damp hair and massage into hair.  I blow dried my bangs and headed out the door for a meeting.

After I returned from my meeting my hair was completely dry.  I put one squirt of the Fat Hair Advanced Repair Amplifying Creme in my hands and rubbed it all over my hands to spread it and “warm” it like lotion.  I massaged the creme to the roots of the hair from the nape of the hairline.  The Fat Hair Advanced Repair Amplifying Creme is used to add thickness and body.  It did immediately feel like my hair was thicker and had more definition.

Last, I sprayed Fat Hair Advanced Repair Amplifying Hair Spray to set the style.  Because my hair is layered, I lifted it “here and there”  and sprayed between the layers for lift, support, and added fullness.

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Fat Hair Advanced Repair Amplifying Products Gave MS Do Fabulous Hair

I was truly shocked at how good my hair looked when I was finished.  I may have spent a total of 10 minutes styling my hair if I count the time before and after I went to my meeting.

Over the last few years, my hair has turned naturally wavy, actually it’s pretty curly.  Some days, it looks like I have a perm.  Other days, it looks like I have a wavy mess.

The Fat Hair Advanced Repair Amplifying  products did such an amazing job of defining my curls that it looked like my hair had a great perm or had been set on hot rollers like we did back in the 80s.  Speaking of the 80s, if Fat Hair Advanced Repair Amplifying  had existed back then, the hole in the Ozone Layer may not have gotten as bad as it is.

My normal hair care routine and products are similar , and include shampoo, condition, mousse, hair gel, and hair spray.  However, there is no comparison between my regular products and the Fat Hair Advanced Repair Amplifying  products.  

 Fat Hair

Fat Hair Before and After Images

  1. This is my hair with my normal hair products.  This picture was taken on 12/9.
  2. Like #3, this pic was taken on 12/15.  I love how the sun showed the silhouette of my hair when I was trying to get this shot.
  3. This pic was taken on 12/15.  I had to adjust the color and lighting to show the definition of the curl.  Notice how the curls pop instead of just laying there like limp waves in pic #1.
  4. I was shocked when I crawled out of bed on 12/16 and looked in the mirror.  My hair looked almost identical to what it did when I was finished with it the day before.  I’m a side sleeper and toss and turn all night long.

Needless to say, I’m QUITE IMPRESSED with the Fat Hair Advanced Repair Amplifying products I reviewed.  The style held up for several days without me having to do much to maintain it.  Long ago, I got over my 80s ways of washing my hair every day.  My hair is in excellent condition and washing only when needed is credited to part of it.  I’ve gone about five days without washing the Fat Hair Advanced Repair  Amplifying products out of my hair and it still feels clean, not greasy or weighed down.

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