End of School Year Memory Shirts for Kids

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End of Year Memory Shirts for KidsEnd of School Year Memory Shirts for Kids


When I was teaching, the kids often had one another sign special t-shirts at the end of the school year.  They typically liked to do this on Field & Track Days, DARE Graduation, or other days when they received memory shirts.  So, when I saw this End of School Year Memory Shirts Idea in a local Facebook crafting group it definitely caught my attention.  I reached out to Emma, this little cutie’s mommy and asked for permission to share her idea and permission.  Thankfully, she agreed.  🙂  The following are Emma’s directions.

Directions for making End of School Year Memory Shirts for Kids:

End of Year Memory ShirtsDownload the End of School Year Memory Shirts for Kids Layout Pattern.


  1. Spread t-shirt out flat on a table or other large, open surface.
  2. Leave about a 3 to 4 inch “margin” at the top of the t-shirt.  The bottom of the armpit may be a good reference point.
  3. Use painters tape to create lines from side seem to side seem of the t-shirt.  A yard stick or ruler may be used to help determine space between the taped lines.
  4. Use a paint brush to paint above or below the tape with blue acrylic craft paint (the cheap $0.50 kind is fine).  Make sure to either paint above or below the lines from the top to the bottom of the shirt.
  5. Wait at least 15 minutes before removing the tape.
  6. A blow dryer can be used to speed up the drying process.
  7. Use painters tape again to tape off a line from the top to the bottom of the shirt.  Space the line about 2 inches from the left armpit seem.  Use the yardstick to make sure the tape is evenly spaced from the top to the bottom.
  8. Paint a red line down one side of the tape.
  9. Wait at least another 15 minutes before removing the tape.
  10. Allow the shirt owner to write his or her name on the top line using a permanent marker.
  11. Send child to school with some markers so friends and teacher can also sign memory shirts.
  12. Before laundering the memory shirts, apply heat by ironing or putting it in the dryer on the highest heat setting for 15-20 minutes.
  13. Optional:  Use a small (open) bottle, like a medicine bottle, to dip in black paint.  Use the black paint to create the three holes on the left margin of the looseleaf paper t-shirt.

Emma also told me:

I wanted to do something special for my daughter’s last day of Kindergarten. When she came home with her t-shirt all drawn on, I packed it away in a keepsake box for her to look at later. She loved her shirt and had so much fun helping me make it! It means the world to me to see the smile on my kid’s face and to know the amazing memories we make when we do projects together.


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