Zoom Power Bank – Cell Phone Charger Battery Pack

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Cell Phone Charger
Since I received a Zoom Power Bank, Cell Phone Charger Battery Pack, I no longer fear my power hogging cell phone while I’m out and about.

After realizing what a power draining monster my Note 3 was, I started carrying a car cell phone charger, wall cell phone charger, and cell phone charging cable in my purse at all times.  Why?  Well, let’s just say that I found myself with a dead phone more than once and I was either not in my own car or I was inside a building for hours after my phone died.  Either way, I was stuck with a dead phone!  Maybe I have the settings all wrong and if I do, please tell me how to reset them.

Thankfully, I was given the opportunity to review a Zoom Power Bank, Cell Phone Charger Battery Pack.  I can now leave the wall charger at home where it belongs, in the wall, and the car charger in the car.  If you’re not familiar with a Note 3, it’s much larger and more powerful than a typical cell phone.  It’s really more like a mini tablet.  There is absolutely no comparison between the little battery looking stick chargers and the Zoom Power Bank, Cell Phone Charger Battery Pack.

While I was reviewing the Zoom Power Bank, Cell Phone Charger Battery Pack, I was also reviewing one of the battery looking stick chargers.  I plugged it into my Note 3 when it was down to a 50% charge.  After more than 2 hours, my Note 3 was only charged to 68%.  The stick charger started at 100% and was down to 39%.  Needless to say, I was less than disappointed.  When I reached out to my contact, I was basically told that the stick charger wasn’t strong enough for my Note 3.

This was not the case at all with the Zoom Power Bank, Cell Phone Charger Battery Pack.  Straight out of the box, it already held a 75% charge, I love products that come ready to use!  I went ahead and plugged it in to make sure it was 100% charged before testing it out.  It charged with the provided USB cable.  It has a split Apple (old and new) and an micro USB Android charger attached to it.  I used the USB end to plug into the computer and the Android to plug into the Zoom Power Bank.  I didn’t keep up with how long it took to charge, because my computer charges things horribly slow.

Of course, the Zoom Power Bank, Cell Phone Charger Battery Pack is great for charging almost any kind of USB device.  The snazzy little box that it comes packaged in shows that it will charge handheld game systems, cameras, MP3 players, iPhones, Androids, and tablets.  Plus, it will typically charge a smartphone four times before it needs to be recharged.

Cell Phone Charger

Cell Phone Charger Battery Pack

Once it reached a 100% charge, all four of the blue lights lit up on the end of the Zoom Power Bank.  The charging began at 5:49 when my Note 3 was down to a 53% charge and finished at 8:57 when it was 100% charged.  Most impressive to me was the fact that it only used 25% of the stored power in the Zoom Power Bank, Cell Phone Charger Battery Pack.

Note:  This may not be a true representation of what the Zoom Power Bank, Cell Phone Charger Battery Pack can really do because it was also doing a major download for an upgrade to my Android system.  I couldn’t stop the download, but I’m sure it added to the load.  I’ll update when I test it again.  The second time I charged my phone, it took 2 hours to charge from 66% to 100% and used about 25% of the power stored in the Zoom Power Bank. 

The Zoom Power Bank, Cell Phone Charger Battery Pack is currently 50% off it’s regular price.  When you use the code WQ5ULJTS, you can take an additional 30% Off One Product!  These make excellent presents for just about anyone in your life.  If you have a upcoming graduate on your shopping list, there is no doubt they would love it!

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