Time to Get an Insurance Quote with eSurance

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esuranceSave on auto insurance with eSurance!

I’ve paid more for insurance than others in my same age bracket for years.  I have a clean driving record, so I just didn’t understand why I was paying almost double what my friends were.  One friend has the same exact vehicle I have, including the same year, but her insurance has been much cheaper than mine from the beginning.  Today, I checked out this offer from eSurance to get a quote estimate.  I was pleasantly surprised to find the premium offered to me was about 1/2 of what I’m currently paying with Geico.  I like the fact that eSurance is backed by Allstate, so that gives me more confidence in both the quote and my decision to potentially switch insurance companies.

eSurance also has a built-in option to compare policies and prices with other companies.  I’m not sure whether or not these other quotes are reliable, but at least they give me other high quality companies as a reference point for a true quote.

Let me know if you get an eSurance quote and if they’re cheaper for you compared to your current insurance.

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