Team Obsidian Bicycle Light Set

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Team Obsidian Bicycle Flashlight SetTeam Obsidian Bicycle Light

I’m a big fan of products that serve multiple functions.  When I discovered the Team Obsidian Bicycle Light Set I immediately knew that it was a product that fit my definition of multipurpose.  Although it is advertised for use as a Bicycle Light Set, I saw potential for so much more.  I immediately thought about how well it would work on my walker.  Then I thought the Team Obsidian Bicycle Light Set would also work well for people who like to walk at night.

When my daughter and a former neighbor child were younger, we could have used a couple of the Team Obsidian Bicycle Light Set s.  Although we only lived about seven houses apart (counting both sides of the street), it was around a corner and down a different street.  There were many, many nights when a bicycle was left at the other child’s house, with a child transported home by car.  Sometimes the child the bicycle was hauled home in the back end of a truck because it had gotten too dark for the girls to see to ride home.  For those of you who live in the city, you probably can’t imagine having to do this sort of thing.  When you live in the country, with Mark Twain National Forrest as your backyard, there aren’t any street lights.  Dark nights are very, very dark.

If our girls each had a Team Obsidian Bicycle Light Set back then, they could have played longer each night and rode their bikes home without fear of what may have laid ahead of them in the dark.  The light beams so brightly and at such a distance, that each of moms could have stood at the other end our driveways and watched them coming.  Yes, I did say it was around a corner, but it’s that short of a distance.  😉  It’s hard to photograph this kind of thing in the dark or I would have.  Yes, this flashlight really is that great!

We had a little storm earlier.  The sky was still overcast, with no moon or stars shining through the dark, cloudy sky so we thought it was the perfect time to test the Team Obsidian Bicycle Light Set out.  The map shows the house where we live and where the other child used to live.  There’s no doubt the girls would have had plenty of light to make their way home.

Team Obsidian Bicycle Light Set

The Team Obsidian Bicycle Light Set was super bright, projecting 0.1 a mile to the east.  It projected 495 feet to the northeast.  My daughter and her friend were able to see both the flashlight and the rear light with absolutely no problem.

Whether you’re interested in the Team Obsidian Bicycle Light Set for a true bicycle light set, for a walker, or to use when you walk, I advise you to invest in the best and get a Team Obsidian Bicycle Light Set.

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