Summer Shape Up Challenge with Balance Bar

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Balance BarSummer Shape Up Challenge with Balance Bar

The Summer Shape Up Challenge with Balance Bar began on June 23rd and will ran through August 1. Balance Bar posted great Shape Up materials  that helped you get moving for 30 minutes in 30 different ways, over 40 days.  Where can you find this great information?  It’s on the Balance Bar Facebook page.

“It’s important to do at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day like walking, running or just moving your body, and making nutritious meal and snacking decisions is critical for getting the most out of your fitness routine,” said Holly Del Rosso, personal trainer and Balance Bar spokesperson. “I always tell my clients to eat a small meal or snack like a Balance Bar at least 90 minutes before any workout to ensure they have the best levels of energy.”

I received the basket of goodies (plus a set of Balance Headphones) above for my participation in the Summer Shape Up Challenge with Balance Bar.  My family is super picky, especially my daughter.  Much to my surprise, my father and daughter both really liked the Peanut Butter and the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balance Bar.  Personally, I really liked the Ball Jar + Ball Wide Mouth Jar Infuser.  I love being able to add fruit to my water, without anything artificial, and without getting a chunk of fruit in my sip of water.

Did you win any of the weekly giveaways or attend the Twitter party?

To make it easier to go back and find the Summer Shape Up Challenge with Balance Bar, I’ve linked each of the activities below:

DAY 1: We’re kicking off with LEGS. (Video)

DAY 3: Get those legs toned and those inner thighs looking trim. (15 Photos)

DAY 5:  Want lean legs?  (14 photos)

DAY 6:  Get to the Core,  tighten up those abs and strengthen your muscles. (Video)

DAY 7:  Have a Walking Meeting at work. (1 Photo)

DAY 8: Get your summer six pack started.  (11 Photos)

DAY 9:  Strengthening our core.  (11 Photos)

DAY 11: From abs, to back, to obliques feeling stronger and more toned. (Video)

DAY 13:  Glute workout. (15 Photos)

DAY 15: Continue to shape those glutes!  (17 Photos)

DAY 16: EVERYTHING! With arm, leg, core and cardio exercises. (Video)

DAY 17:  Walk instead of driving to lunch.  (1 Photo)

DAY 18: Cardio. The challenge? Raise your heart rate! (16 Photos)

Day 19:   Kill two birds with one stone, get your kids active, too.  (1 Photo)

DAY 20: Cardio‘s the name and a full-body workout’s the game. (18 photos)

DAY 21: Feeling so much stronger!  (Video)

DAY 22: Exercise with the family!  (1 Photo)

DAY 23:  Ready, set, strengthen those arms! (16 Photos)

DAY 24:  Hop off the Stairmaster, find an outdoor stadium with bleachers for a fun run.  (1 Photo)

DAY 25:  Upper-body workout.  (15 Photos)

DAY 26:  Awesome arms for a stronger upper body.  (Video)

DAY 27:  Today’s exercise? Inexpensive, fun and new!  (1 Photo)

DAY 28:  Abs aren’t the only thing that strengthen your core, a strong back is key too! help.  (17 Photos)

DAY 29:  We all think of interval training as intense, cardio filled workouts for adults and children too.  (1 Photo)
Day 30:   Focus on your back, shoulders and arms!

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