Spring Break Road Trip: Day 3 – We Made it to Myrtle Beach

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Spring Break Road Trip

Day 3 of our Spring Break Road Trip took us from our stay at the Mountain Lodge in Flat Rock, North Carolina to the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, North Carolina.  After leaving the NASCAR Hall of Fame, we traveled on to our final destination, Sonesta Suites at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Sonesta Myrtle Beach

We were quite pleased with our accommodations.  We had been told that we only had one bed and a hide-a-bed in our suite, so we were thrilled to find that each of us had a regular bed.  They were both within the same large bedroom, but we did not object.  There is no doubt that this suite was larger than my first apartment and much better decorated as well!  These are images that I grabbed from their website, but this is exactly how our room looked when we arrived, minus the potted plant, coffee cup, and breakfast tray.  😉

Sonesta Myrtle Beach

There was a fantastic breakfast buffet available each morning.   A waffle machine allowed you to make your own while you prepared the rest of your breakfast from the many other hot and cold assortments available each morning.   We were surprised to find that they served an appetizer/happy hour on the evenings we were there.  One night was BBQ hot wings and another night was Cookout Night.  A soda machine was available for all, but wine and beer were also available gratis for the adults.

Sonesta Myrtle BeachI only had one problem with my entire stay at the Sonesta.  When we arrived, every handicap parking was blocked off with orange cones.  I thought it was quite ironic that three of us pulled into the parking lot within moments of one another, all with handicap tags, and none of us could be accommodated.  When I inquired about this at the front desk, I was told that they were working on the roof, and it was to keep things from falling on people’s cars.  I explained to the woman that I did not believe it was legal to block all handicap parkings for any reason.  She shrugged her shoulders.

The next morning, I saw a gentleman at the front desk who just had “the look” of being the manager.  We made small talk and I proceeded to ask him if all handicap parkings would be blocked off for our entire visit.  He seemed rather puzzled as to what I was talking about and went out with us to the parking lot.  He quickly went over and visited with the workers , then he came back over to assure me that handicap parkings would available when we returned.  He was correct, no more blocked handicap parking spaces.  Mission accomplished!

While the Sonesta wasn’t on the beach, like many of the other hotels I would choose to stay there again in a heartbeat.  We turned down the option of staying at one of the hotels that is within feet of the beach, but the breakfast spread and kitchenette far exceeded the benefit of being on the beach.  I’m not sure of the age of the Sonesta, but there was obvious way date it’s age like many of those down on the beach.  Without a doubt, Miss JoJo and I would love to stay at the Sonesta Myrtle Beach again.

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