Spring Break Road Trip: Day 2 – Sunday

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Spring Break Road Trip

Day 2 of our Spring Break Road Trip was the day I had most looked forward to!  A dear, sweet friend of mine lived only a couple of hours away from our designated path in Cincinnati, Ohio.  We made plans to meet for lunch in Lexington, Kentucky; but it all depended on the weather.  I slept rough all night because I was so anxious about the stinking weather.  There had been predictions of snow and thunderstorms and I awoke at one point to those thunderstorms!

After getting up and moving, Miss JoJo and I journeyed on to Lexington to meet our dear friend, Coupon Kathy.  Kathy and I “met” while in the forums of another website several years ago, but had never met in person.  We’ve spent TONS of time online chatting and emailing.  Eventually, I created my own site and Kathy helps me out on Facebook as a page administrator and in the Deals From MS Do Group.  We’re both disabled teachers and single moms, so the limited income doesn’t allow for a lot of travel and we always dreamed of meeting one another, some day.  Well, Day 2 of the Spring Break Road Trip was finally THE DAY!

Spring Break Road Trip

MS Do is on the left, Coupon Kathy is on the right.

After meeting up with Kathy and her daughter for lunch at Bob Evans, we sat off for the next leg of our journey.  Miss JoJo and I took turns driving and I told her that we would stop to check things out that we found interesting.  The travel led us through beautiful rolling hills, rustic barns painted with quilt patterns on the end, lots of horses, and rain with fog.

Spring Break Road TripTucked away in the Renfro Valley, just off the interstate, was a whole little entertainment village.   Their signs led us to our next point of interest, the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame.  This affordable little stop was hosting a Boy Scouts ceremony when we arrived, but we were still welcomed to explore all we wanted.  We found posters and memorabilia that promoted the beginnings of music in the region all the way through current musicians.  Miss JoJo had to shop in their fabulously stocked  gift shop before we headed out for our next adventure.

Our next adventure gave Miss JoJo a bit of a scare.  Since I hadn’t slept well the night before, she was letting me nap but promised me that she would pull over so that I could drive as soon as we got into the mountains.  She kept her promise, but it was a little late.  We were in the mountains before she ever realized it.  When she woke me up, she asked me what a sign with 4% Grade meant.  I explained that it meant she was driving in the mountains.  She seemed to be doing well so I let her continue driving.  However, I could tell at one point there was a little panic in her voice and decided it was time for me to drive.  Visibility was also down to nearly 0%.

Spring Break Road TripThere were actually several cars in front of us, less than a football field away.  If memory recalls, I think the headlights on the opposite side of the road were on an 18-wheeler.   There is a car in the left lane on my side of the road just beyond the dark spot that goes from side to side.  Yep, there is no doubt that it was time for MS Do to drive and for Miss JoJo to sight see, if she could have seen anything!

Later than sooner, we made it through the mountains and to our next destination, the Titanic Exhibit in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  There’s no way that I can summarize our visit to the Titanic in just a paragraph here, so you’ll have to wait for the next post to read about it.

After we left the Titanic Exhibit, we took a side road that brought us to the Bush’s Beans plant and their Visitor Center.  We were fascinated by the vastness of the factory.  It was probably a half mile long on the opposite side of the road from the visitor’s center.  I’ve used Bush’s Beans in my Slow Cooker Baked Beans with Ground Beef recipe for years, so I’m naturally interested in touring a company that I know and support.

We made our way back to the interstate and to Mountain Lodge & Conference Center in Flat Rock, North Carolina.  Before leaving home, I had used my super frugal skills to search out lodging deals along our route.  There was a fabulous Groupon for this facility and I purchased it.  Once reaching our destination, I was so impressed that I decided that the Mountain Lodge also deserved it’s own blog post.

For now, I will just saw that we slept so very well that we actually overslept, all the way through check out time!



  1. This was a very special day for me too. Like you said, we dreamed of some day meeting, but the distance was definitely an issue. I’m so glad you weaved this into your plans and that the weather ended up cooperating.
    Several people commented on driving 3 1/2 to 4 hrs (round trip) for lunch, but this was so much more than lunch!

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