Spanish Christian Lighthouse Center, Waynesville, MO:Clothing & Backpack Giveaway

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spanish christian lighthouse center waynesville mo

The Spanish Christian Lighthouse Center Waynesville, MO is having a clothing and backpack giveaway on Saturday, August 24.  Doors to the public opens @ 9:00am–we will have hot dogs,burgers,chips, drinks and chilli. Because of recent flood event, many families lost everything–this year, the needs are more than ever.

If you know of a family in need in our community please feel free to pass this on or send them our way. EVERYTHING IS FREE AND TAKE AS MUCH AS U NEED>>THERE IS NO LIMIT!

Okay, I know what your next question is.  Where is Spanish Christian Lighthouse Center?  It’s downtown just about across the street from one and only gas station.  Does that help?  Basically, it’s opposite the turn to the park.  That still doesn’t help?  Well, the only other thing I can do is give you a picture!  😉  It’s next door to the ceramic shop.

spanish christian lighthouse center waynesville mo

Spanish Christian Lighthouse Center, Waynesville, MO

I found this YouTube video of the Mr. and Mrs. Perez.  Mr. Perez is retired military and serves as the minister as well as many other functions within their organization.  I couldn’t believe that he’s so quiet in the video, I didn’t know that he knew how to be quiet.  😉  Some of you may recognize Mrs. Perez, she’s a cook at the middle school.   Even though this video is a couple of years old, it does a great job of introducing you to some of the many activities that are available.


  1. I just wanted to say thank you to the Spanish Christian Lighthouse for hosting this event. I had a great time and it really helped my family out.

    • Amanda – I am passing your message along to the members of the family that I am close to. My family was blessed tremendously through the giveaway, as well. They’re a bunch of good folks down at the Spanish Christian Lighthouse Church. Feel free to stop by anytime you’re needing prayer or looking for a place of worship.

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