Smelly Washer Cleaner

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Smelly Washer Cleaner

Smelly Washer Cleaner isn’t something that everyone will be able to relate to the need for it.  Until a few years ago, I wouldn’t have ever understood why people have the need for a Smelly Washer Cleaner.  Those who are still reading and still don’t relate, you probably have a top loading washing machine.  Those of us with front loader machines, were probably shaking their heads going, “I need that,” just when they read the title.

The great thing about a top loader is that most of the water drains down to the bottom of the machine.  The machine doesn’t have to have a water tight seal and air is able to get into the machine, even when the lid is closed and helps it dry out when not in use. However, with a front loader, water tends to get trapped in the gasket between the door and the barrel of the machine.  With a front loader, it must be water tight, but this leaves water trapped as well.  This trapped water tends to create mildew growth, especially if the door for the washer is kept closed.  The natural reaction for most people with a front loader is to keep the door shut.

I’m a little OCD with some things, but I’m not OCD enough to take the time to dry the rubber gasket around the door of my washer between uses.  I do make the effort to leave the door open, but my daughter hasn’t always been good about that.  So, for the less that completely OCD people like myself, there is Smelly Washer Cleaner.  

As you can see from these pictures, there is a mildew build up inside my washer.  There is also a collection of detergent type soap scum and hair around the window portion of the washer door.  Removing the hair was easy enough to do by hand, and it’s something I do try to do after each load. However, the soap scum build up is something that just sneaks up on you, especially with hard water like mine.

I used a single cap full of the Smelly Washer Cleaner, as directed on the bottle, and ran the machine through on the hottest setting.  After a single cap full of the Smelly Washer Cleaner, my washer no longer smells like mildew.  The soap scum around the door is also gone.

While Smelly Washer Cleaner isn’t the only product of this type on the market, it’s the cheapest that I’ve encountered by far. Compared to other products, it costs about 1/3 of what the others do.  The Smelly Washer Cleaner has 24 uses per container.  You’d have to by at least three or more of the other products to get the same number of uses, but the price would double or triple as well.  Smelly Washer Cleaner leaves no heavy perfume or chlorine smell like other washer cleaner products I’ve tried tend to do.

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