Slumber Fit Natural Sleep Aid Supplement

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Slumber Fit Natural Sleep Aid Supplement

Slumber Fit Natural Sleep Aid Supplement

In case you’re new here, I have Multiple Sclerosis.  Like many others with MS, my sleep cycle is all kinds of crazy. Fatigue is one of the major problems with MS.  Sometimes I sleep up to 15 hours straight, I might wake up long enough to eat, stay awake for a couple of hours, and then sleep another nine or ten hours. Unfortunately, I may then be awake for a day or two following.

Exhaustion, due to lack of sleep, is one of the things my doctors believe contributed to the MS attack that landed me in the hospital in the summer of 2013.  It was my first attack in 5 1/2 years and seemed so much harder than I remembered them to be.  Upon leaving the hospital, I was presented with a prescription for sleeping pills.  I hated taking them, but realized I didn’t need to end up with another exhaustion related MS attack.

Last summer, my chiropractor sold me a bottle of natural sleep aid supplement.  I began taking it and it was the best sleep I’d had in a long, long time.  Unfortunately, it was quite costly, but I learned that I have a much more balanced sleep cycle when I use these types of products.

Needless to say, I was ecstatic when I was selected to review Slumber Fit Natural Sleep Aid Supplement.  The ingredients in both products are very similar.  However, the ingredients seem to be more easily controlled, by the user, in the Slumber Fit. 

I’m a big fan of Dr. Oz, isn’t everyone?  At some point, he did an episode regarding Melatonin and sleep.  My daughter and I learned that only 1mg of Melatonin is recommended, yet many people take 3mg or more.   This leaves them impaired when driving or working the next day.

Each  Slumber Fit Natural Sleep Aid Supplement pill also contains magnesium.  The US Daily recommendation for magnesium is 400mg for men and 300mg for women.  The magnesium helps to relax the muscles, which in turn helps the body relax overall and get a sound night’s sleep.  Slumber Fit Natural Sleep Aid Supplement only has 100mg of magnesium per pill.

Personally, I still need around 3mg of Melatonin in order to sleep well at night.  It’s not a problem, because I just need to take three pills of the Slumber Fit Natural Sleep Aid Supplement.  This gives me 3mg of the Melatonin and 300 mg of Magnesium.  It also increases the other specialized ingredients like theanine, GABA, and 5-HTP which help me fall asleep fast and stay asleep.  This allows my body to repair, restore and rejuvenate itself, leaving me more energized and refreshed when I wake up.

Slumber Fit Natural Sleep Aid Supplement is 100% natural, non-habit forming, and scientifically backed ingredients that will help you relax and fall into a deep, restful sleep. Sleep deprivation negatively impacts our mood, our ability to focus, and our ability to access higher-level cognitive functions. SLUMBER FIT’s Perfect for law enforcement, military, firefighters, athletes, trainers, weekend warriors, adrenaline junkies, persons who work swing shifts, night shift workers and any other professional that strives to achieve peak performance on a routine basis.

So, the next time you’re counting sheep, click on over and order the Slumber Fit Natural Sleep Aid Supplement.  You’ll get a great night’s sleep that you really and truly deserve.  Save yourself some sheep.  Go ahead and order it now!


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