Reindeer Dust Recipe, Printable Labels, and Book Review

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Reindeer Dust Recipe, Printable Labels, and Book Review

Reindeer Dust Recipe, Printable Labels, and Book Review

What are some of your Christmas Eve traditions?  I love the idea of things like a holiday movie in new pajamas, setting out a plate of cookies for Santa, and carrots for the reindeer.  I  grew up in a house without a chimney, so I always wondered how Santa got in our house to leave the gifts.  Once my daughter was born, I came across a magical key for Santa.  We store it in her stocking every year to make it easy to find.  Then on Christmas Eve, she digs into her stocking and hangs the key outside on the front door to make sure Santa can get in the house.

When we brought the Christmas decorations into the house a couple of weeks ago, she was so upset.  She located her stocking, but couldn’t find her Santa Key.  We haven’t found it yet and she’s stressed about it!  Did I fail to mention that she’ll be 18 in less than three weeks.

Until recently, I didn’t know about Reindeer Dust.  Obviously Reindeer Dust is another time honored Christmas traditions.  However, it’s something I’m sure I’ll do with my grandchildren, one day far, far in the future (I hope).

The book, Reindeer Dust, by Kate Dwyer tells the story about a hurried and foggy Christmas Eve when Santa was too busy to feed his reindeer.

To make matters worse, the fog was low and thick.

It slowed the sleigh down, Santa had to be quick.

They flew through the sky, circling ’round and around, but the house below just could not be found.

The story proceeds in this fun, rhyming pattern, telling the story of how one boy studied the weather patterns and came up with a plan.

The kids would scatter oats, brown sugar, and bran to attract reindeer and one jolly old man.

The book Reindeer Dust is full of the joy and spirit of Christmas that can only be seen and felt through the wide-eyed wonder of a child.

“Before falling asleep on this Christmas Eve, you must say three times,  ‘I Will always BELIEVE!'”

I’ll be honest, I did cheat a bit with the recipe for the Reindeer DustI had a bag of Muslei that I wasn’t interested in eating because it contained coconut, something I don’t even like to smell.  The main ingredient was oatmeal, with just a few other things like nuts, berries, and a little brown sugar.  All things that are safe for reindeer and other animals who may eat the Reindeer Dust.  I also didn’t have any Bran.  The main ingredient in bran is wheat.  I did have a box of stale WheatThings.  I just broke those up and used them instead.  WheatThins are also safe for reindeer.  You probably wouldn’t even know if I didn’t tattle on myself.  However, I just wanted parents to remember that it’s not the ingredients that are as important as the traditions.  Just make sure your ingredients are safe for the reindeer and other wildlife in your area.

Like the labels on my jar and baggie?  Check below the recipe for 3 different versions of the labels to print your own!

Reindeer Dust Recipe and Book Review


  • 2 cups oats for energy
  • ½ cup bran for strength
  • ¼ cup natural or brown sugar to sparkle
  • 15 small cellophane bags
  • ​15 decorative boxes or bags
  • Ribbon
  1. Mix together the oats, bran and brown sugar in a medium bowl.
  2. Scoop 2-3 Tablespoons of mixture into each cellophane bag.
  3. Tie with ribbon. Insert each magical reindeer dust packet into a decorative box or bag.
  4. Sprinkle the reindeer dust on Christmas Eve to attract Santa's reindeer.

Reindeer Dust Printable Labels will need to be manipulated according to your container, baggies, etc.  All three files are rather large.  Most will print the full size of a sheet of paper, if you do not adjust your print settings.  Mine printed through a picture program on my computer, so I was able to select printing them as wallet size photos.  You will also want to make sure and select how many copies you want.  Some printers will automatically print a full sheet of wallet size “photos” while others will only print one.  I do suggest using “File, Print Preview” to get an estimate of how big the picture will be when printed.

Want to make a container that will last for a long time?  Completely cover the printed image with clear packing tape once printed and cut out.  I suggest NOT washing by placing it in water.  Some inks will be fade, others won’t.  Laminating is another option for the image.  Of course, you can always come back to Deals From MS Do and print a new image each year.  😉  Notice the sparkle on the large jar?  I added some glitter around it, similar to the book cover.

Special thanks to the author, Kate Dwyer, for granting me permission to use the artwork for these printables.

Reindeer Dust Recipe, Printable Labels, and Book Review

Rectangle Label with One Reindeer – Smallest image

Reindeer Dust Recipe, Printable Labels, and Book Review

Rectangle Label with One Reindeer – Medium Size image

Reindeer Dust Recipe, Printable Labels, and Book Review

Square Label with Two Reindeer – Largeest image

Reindeer Dust is available at many of your favorite stores as well as Amazon.

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