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PriceBlink Sleep Innovations PillowPriceBlink is a great way to save time and money when you shop online.  Of course you have to remember that you have it for it to save you money though!  😉  I installed PriceBlink several months ago and completely forgot about it.  When I shop online, I typically use Firefox, but on that particular day I was using Internet Explorer.  A little ribbon popped up at the top of my screen with a little flashlight like the one above.  It showed me where I could get the best price on the Sleep Innovations Gel Memory Foam Contour Pillow that I was considering buying.  I quickly realized how much time this awesome little browser add-on could save an online shopper.

PriceBlink Pop Up Ribbon

PriceBlink stays hidden until you start shopping

The Compare Prices button showed me the prices of the same pillow at online competitors.  The ZigZag Button showed the price changes of the Sleep Innovations Gel Memory Foam Contour Pillow over the last month, three months, or twelves.  The Wish Button allowed me to create customized wish lists.  I established mine as private, but could have made it public and shared it.  This is a great way for our family and friends to create and share a wish list for anniversaries, birthdays, or other holidays.  The Coupons Button showed me all available coupons at the various shopping locations or for particular stores in general.

These are screenshots showing what each feature looks like when the PriceBlink add-on was used.

PriceBlink Pop Up

Quite a few years back, I bought the best memory foam pillows from Target.  These pillows desperately need to be replaced and the closest I have found to my original pillows are the Sleep Innovations Gel Infused Memory Foam Contour Pillow.  I was less than thrilled with that $39.99 – $49.99 price that popped up on the Target website, but it was easy to jump to another site offering a similar pillow using the yellow PriceBlink ribbon across the top of the site.  This price comparison is shown in the image below.

PriceBlink Price Comparison

I next landed on the Walmart site and found the Sleep Innovations Gel Memory Foam Contour Pillow .  The pillow on Walmart’s site is different, but it’s also much, much cheaper.   Yep, that was very interesting to me!  I am a side sleeper and like a really firm pillow.  This pillow is covered with the same gel bead-infused memory foam as my new Sleep Innovations 2″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper.  I am in absolute heaven with my mattress topper, so I’m pretty sure that a 5″ thick memory foam, gel covered  pillow might just might send me to Cloud 9 on a nightly basis.

As I visited each store’s site, I created wish lists that contained the pillows I found most likely to meet my needs. The wishlist feature meant that I avoided my usual “make a list, lose a list” routine.  Anyone else do that sort of thing?

PriceBlink Price History

Next, I checked out the price history feature.  The history feature was definitely educational.  From what I saw in the price history, I chose the wrong time of year to shop for new pillows.  According to the twelve month history I viewed, I should have looked and purchased pillows back in June of this summer, when the prices were the lowest they have been during the last year!  This neat little tidbit might help you determine the best time of year to make major purchases as well.

If you regularly shop online, you may want to sign up for the Category and Coupon Alerts by email.  Like the Wish List option, you have to create an account and login to use these options.  There’s also an option to sign up for alerts by store.  Worried that your favorite store(s) won’t be listed?  Don’t worry!  If it begins with a number or a letter A thru Z, I’m pretty sure that it’s listed in the PriceBlink list.

PriceBlink Softpedia CertificationYes, I know that some people worry about downloading stuff and installing it on their computer.  PriceBlink has been on my computer for months and has never cause me a moment’s trouble.  It has also been tested and certified by Softpedia as 100% Clean, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.


PriceBlink WinnerPriceBlink was also voted as the Readers’ Choice Award Winner on  This was an award given for people ranking it as the best add-on for website browsers.  I used to not give a lot of credit to, but they have started listing some of my recipes so I have a lot more faith in now.

So, after reading my review about PriceBlink, I’m sure you’ll feel as confident about using it as I have become.  Please leave me a comment and let me know if you have any experience with using PriceBlink or if you are willing to give it a try now.



**This is a sponsored review.  I have been compensated by PriceBlink, but all opinions are my own and truthful.  See my Disclosure Policy for further details.**

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