Popcorn Hand is a Spooktacular Snack for Little Monsters

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Popcorn Hand for Halloween

Spooktacular Snacks for the Little Monsters     

This month the Dishing It Up crew thought homeroom moms might need a little inspiration for things to take the their Halloween parties, Fall Festivals, or whatever activities you might have coming up in the next few days.  With  little supervision, this popcorn hand can be prepared by even the littlest of monsters.  Considering the number of sugary snacks they’re likely to encounter, this popcorn hand is a welcome relief from the expected sugar high.  To make the popcorn hand an even healthier snack use a hot air popper or dome style popcorn popper to pop the popcorn.  Watching the popcorn pop also builds the excitement for the little monsters who are used to the popcorn coming from the microwave.

I don’t have a little one any more, but this popcorn hand was made by the 3 year-old son of my former neighbor.  It caught my eye as I was flipping through her Facebook pictures.   Anyway, I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Sarah, an independent Scentsy representative.  She graciously allowed me to use her picture in this snack post.  Let her know if you need some Scentsy, she’s always promoting great offers.

Haunted Popcorn Hand for Halloween
A Haunted Popcorn Hand for Halloween is an easy and economical treat to make with the little monsters, allergy-friendly, and low in sugar.
  1. Pop the popcorn. Microwave popcorn is not suggested.
  2. Lightly salt popcorn, if desired.
  3. Allow popcorn to cool.
  4. Place one to three candy corns or a single miniature pumpkin into each fingertip of the glove.
  5. Fill each finger and the hand of the glove with popcorn.
  6. Tie off the top of the glove with yard, ribbon, or other trim.
  7. Add a tag with your name and address if giving the popcorn hands out for trick or treating.
  8. Add spider rings or other Halloween decor to the popcorn hand.

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