Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir – A New Series From Nickelodeon

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Miraculous: Tales of  Ladybug & Cat Noir

If I were still an elementary school teacher, I know what I would recommend for my students to watch over the Christmas break.  It’s a really cute new anime series from Nickelodeon.  The Miraculous: Tales of  Ladybug& Cat Noir series tells the story of a charismatic girl who transforms into a courageous, vivacious superhero named Ladybug and saves the day to restore happiness and peace for the citizens of Paris.

While making its first appearance in the U.S. this December, Miraculous: Tales of  Ladybug & Cat Noir has already debuted in France and Korea, attaining consistent number one ratings across all kids shows week after week. Series premieres will continue to roll-out globally, in 120+ markets worldwide over the next three months.

Like all shows, there are heroes and villains.  Marinette and her classmate, Adrienne, are the heroes in the show.  Each of them have transform into their own alter egos with the help of their own little pets.  However, it seems that their powers are related to these little pets.  I’m interested in learning more about their pets, as I know there is more to the story.



My friend and I watched the premiere episode for the U.S. this afternoon.  Between us, we have six children, four of them are girls between the ages of 18 and 27.  We previewed the show as something we would have wanted our daughters and future granddaughters to watch.  The first thing we noticed about Miraculous: Tales of  Ladybug & Cat Noir is that it’s more modern than a traditional cartoon.  It has the look and feel of anime.  The theme song really surprised us, we found ourselves doing our couch dancing and singing along with the catchy tune!

The setting in Paris should really grab the attention of girls and their moms alike.  Who isn’t into the whole Parisian theme these days?


Ladybug aka Marinette

Miraculous: Tales of  Ladybug & Cat Noir is written in kids speak, language that they’ll totally relate to, “like those are totally sick designs!”  The interactions between the characters are so cute and silly, just like kids interact at this age.  The interactions are realistic as well, like talking to your crush, while being all shy, embarassed, and fumbling for words.

The Marinette character seems to lack confidence in her designs for an upcoming contest, but finds her confidence by remembering who she really is.  In the show, Marinette isn’t perfect, things don’t always go her way.  Naturally, there is a moral to the story, it comes back to hard work paying off, among other things.

Of course, a villain or two makes an appearance during the show.  Mr. Pigeon soon takes over Paris with lots of his pigeon friends.  Marinette transforms into the Ladybug and runs into Cat Noir to help track down vanishing park keepers.    Together they devise a plan to meet up with Mr. Pigeon.  After Cat Noir is stolen away by bands of pigeons, Lady Bug leaps into action.  Suddenly, they’re trapped in a cage by Mr. Pigeon!  He threatens them with a pigeon firing.  I won’t give away what this means, but I’m sure that at least the boys will love the implication!

Miraculous: Tales of  Ladybug & Cat Noir series targets girls 6-11 with first week’s ratings and strong social media activity indicating interest including older girls up to 17 and some curious interest from boys as well.  It’s on at 11am Sunday on 170 Nick on Dish and I think around channel 300 on Direct.  Please check your local listings and share a safe, new show with your kids.  They’ll love it and so will you!

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