Mickey Mouse Paper Lanterns for Silhouette Machines

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Mickey Mouse Paper Lanterns

Mickey Mouse Paper Lanterns for Silhouette Machines

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Thanks to Disney and BSM, I was selected to host another #DisneySide Home Celebration.  Until I was selected to host these celebrations, I never knew that I had a #DisneySide.  Now, everything Disney jumps out and grabs my attention.

While searching for items to use at this year’s Multi-Generation #DisneySide party, I found a really cute Color Fusion Mickey Mouse Lantern on the Disney Store site.  I knew that I wasn’t going to buy one, because I knew I could make similar Mickey Mouse Paper Lanterns with my Silhouette Portrait machine instead.

Silhouette Cameo

For those who aren’t familiar with a Silhouette Machine, they’re wonderfully, amazing electronic cutting machines.  The Silhouette Portrait is a smaller, more compact machine that cuts designs up to about 9″ x 12″.  The Silhouette Cameo is a little larger, but cuts designs up to 12″ x 24″.  Of course, both machines can be used to create designs much larger, you just need to get a little creative.  If you can find an image on the internet, the Silhouette can probably cut it out for you.  It’s great for scrapbooking, paper crafting, kids’ school projects, and even fabric projects.  You know those great wall sayings that are so popular these days?  You can even cut those with a Silhouette.

I have the Designer Edition software for my Silhouette, but I haven’t quite gotten the hang of using it yet.  Instead, I use my old standby, paint.NET.  It’s a program that’s somewhat comparable to Photoshop, but it’s absolutely FREE!  If you’re interested in learning about it, search for some YouTube videos and have lots and lots of patience.  The steps I followed for creating my Mickey Mouse Paper Lanterns PNG are located at Mickey Mouse Paper Lanterns for Silhouette with Paint.net.

I’m including the steps of how I put my Mickey Mouse Paper Lanterns together, since several have asked how I did it.  Perhaps some of you with a little experience may learn a new trick or have a trick or two to share with me.

  1. Open the Mickey Mouse Paper Lanterns Silhouette file with your Silhouette software.  (PNG File)  You need a free Google account to access my Silhouette file.  You don’t have to use the account for anything other than signing in and downloading.  Mickey Mouse Paper Lanterns
  2. Stretch the image to fit your on-screen mat as desired.
  3. Copy and paste the stretched image to a second mat.
  4. Erase the lantern from the first mat, leaving the rectangle.  Copy and paste the rectangle three more times.  The rectangle is for the colored paper blocks.  Delete the rectangle from the second mat.
  5. Trace the image, turn off the High Pass Filter.
  6. Send lantern image to Silhouette to cut.Mickey Mouse Paper Lanterns
  7. After the image has been cut, remove it from the Silhouette Mat.  If you’re unfamiliar with the Silhouette, it cuts out everything perfectly, with razor blade precision.  Just lift away the leftover tidbits and throw them away.    Mickey Mouse Paper Lanterns
  8. Send the four rectangles to the Silhouette to cut, then proceed with the following.
  9. Fold the Mickey Mouse Paper Lanternsframes on each of the dotted lines.  The dotted lines make folding really easy!  You don’t need to see them, because it’s making a small perforation in the paper.
  10. Apply plenty of adhesive to the backside of the four largest sections of the Mickey Mouse Paper Lanterns.  The adhesive shown is a Mini Tape Runner from Creative Memories.  It’s very strong, pre-cut, and tiny.Mickey Mouse Paper Lanterns
  11. Determine the color pattern to use and place them on each section of the Mickey Mouse Paper LanternsPlacing two colors on the frame before pressing down all the way will help make sure the paper is cut to size, so that it will fold correctly.  Trim the color blocks, if needed.  Mickey Mouse Paper Lanterns
  12. Apply the adhesive to the three sides of the square at the bottom and the skinny rectangle at the left side of the Mickey Mouse frames.
  13. Fold the lantern together, taping together one side and bottom piece at a time.  Mickey Mouse Paper Lanterns
  14. Tuck the long, skinny rectangle inside the lantern and seal it shut.
  15. My box didn’t want to stick want to stick very well, at first.  I knew the adhesive was plenty strong, but the box was tiny, so it was hard to get my fingers down into the bottom to get enough pressure on it.  My Silhouette Spatula was perfect to reach down into the bottom and along all of the seams.  It worked like a charm and it’s now stuck nice and tight.  Mickey Mouse Paper Lanterns
  16. Trim the lantern handle down, if desired.  I took about 3″ off mine.  Apply adhesive to each end and carefully slide down between the Mickey Mouse frame and the block of colored paper behind it.  Press the paper tightly to seal the adhesive between all of the layers.  Mickey Mouse Paper Lanterns
  17. Place a short or tall battery operated tea light candle into the Mickey Mouse Paper Lanterns.
  18. Enjoy!

Mickey Mouse Paper Lanterns


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