Mickey Mouse Glow Stick Ring Toss

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Mickey Mouse Glow Stick Ring Toss

I was recently selected to review a set of Super Bright Glow Sticks and asked to make something fun and creative with them. Before I get into the details of the Mickey Mouse Glow Stick Ring Toss game I created, I must tell you about the Super Bright Glow Sticks.

Mickey Mouse Glow Stick Ring Toss

I received a tube of 100 luminescent light glow sticks.  The description says that each tube contains of 5 colors — Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Pink. The tube also contained 100 connectors in a little package at the bottom.  I was thrilled to receive so many connectors.  This really allows the creative juices to flow.  Being me, I’m going to save the connectors and use them again with my next batch.

The Super Bright Glow Sticks bracelets last really well. They will glow super bright for 8 – 10 hours. Then, they will start to fade out but may continue to emit some light for up to 36 hours.

Back when I was a kid in the 70s, we had to wait all year to buy our glow necklaces at the state fair.  Fluorescent Green was the only option back then.  We were told to keep them in the freezer to help them last longer.  Guess what?  It really does work with The Super Bright Glow Sticks, an even better than the glow stuff did back in the 70s!  Putting mine in the freezer seemed to deactivate them somehow.  When I removed them from the freezer, they magically started glowing again.

Needless to say, I think The Super Bright Glow Sticks really do work as well as described.  My only negative comment is that I had one stick not work out of roughly the first twelve I tried.

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Now, on to the fun stuff!  Because of my previous experience in Hosting a DisneySide at Home Celebrations, my brain saw sticks, connectors, and automatically thought Mickey, just like my DisneySide Photo Booth Props!  After I made a nice, big Mickey Mouse head using five glow sticks, I made him two ears using two glow sticks for each ear.  I wanted Mickey’s ears to stay in place, so I used clear zip ties to put the ears onto Mickey’s head.  But, I still needed to figure out what to do with my newly created Mickey Mouse.

Welcome to the Clubhouse Glow Sticks Banner

Welcome to the Clubhouse Glow Sticks Banner

My first idea was to create a Welcome sign to hang outside the front door, in place of a flag for a Disney party.  It could be hung on a black poster and the writing could be done with glow in the dark paint.  Of course, the writing could also be done with glow sticks, but that takes more talent than I possess.  😉

While wearing my thinking cap, I made some pink bracelets and start throwing them around on the couch, at the Mickey.  Without realizing it, I had created my Mickey Mouse Glow Stick Ring Toss game.  It only took nine matching glow sticks of one color to create Mickey’s head and then I used five more glow sticks for the rings.

Mickey Mouse Glow Stick Ring Toss

Toddler Mickey Mouse Glow Stick Ring Toss

Of course, I had to come up with a few rules to go with it.  As an elementary school teacher, I worked plenty of school carnivals in my day.  I decided that there need to be rules for different ages.  Of course, they are flexible and can be used at your own discretion. You may want to come up with your own set of rules, please do what works best for you and yours.  Just have fun with my Mickey Mouse Glow Stick Ring Toss game!


Toddlers really won’t typically grasp the concept of the game.  If you can get most kids three and under to throw the rings and understand they’re playing a game, then consider it a great success!  There is NO reason to try and keep score with littles like them.  I would recommend also giving each toddler their own set of 3-5 rings.  They’re the perfect size for their little hands and they won’t necessarily understand needing to leave the rings behind for someone else.

Preschoolers thru Kindergarteners

Have them stand about 3 feet away from the Mickey Head.  Have them toss the rings one at a time.  Decide if you’re going to let them lean over the line or not.  You may not want to use scores for this age as they’re more excited about just playing the game.  This age is old enough to be able to understand leaving the rings behind for others to use.

Mickey Mouse Glow Stick Ring Toss

Mickey Mouse Glow Stick Ring Toss with Points

First thru Fourth Graders

They totally understand the concept of the game, the points, and everything in between.  Use three feet as a starting point and add one foot for each year in school.  So, first graders may stand four feet back, second graders stand five feet away, etc.

Fifth Graders and Older

Players should stand ten feet away.  It’s a simple little baby game.  😉  If they want to stand closer, make them throw all of the rings at one time.

How to Use the Points

If you’re going to use points, they need to be used for something.  You could use a point score guide where everyone gets a minimum of a glow stick as a prize.  Those scoring over fifty points receive two glow sticks or a glow stick and a piece of candy.  You could also keep score and determine an overall winner for each age level.

Mickey Mouse Glow Stick Ring Toss Alternate Game Methods:

  • Throw or drop all of the rings at one time.
  • Throw the rings with the non-dominant hand.
  • Turn around and toss the rings backwards.
  • Use 5 different colors of rings.  Make up random “wild” cards.  After tossing rings, the player draws a card to find out what new rule applies to their turn.  Make the wild cards as silly or as hard as you want.
    • Lose points for all rings outside the Mickey head.
    • Triple points for all pink rings.
    • Double points for blue rings in Mickey’s ears.
    • Let your imagination run wild!

The best thing about this game is that there is almost zero prep, it can be done ahead of time, and stuck in your freezer until needed.  When everyone is ready to go home, just send the Mickey Mouse Glow Stick Ring Toss game home with the kids and you’re done with it!

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