I Learned From Watching You Mom and Dad

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I Learned From Watching You Mom and Dad

I Learned From Watching You Mom and Dad


Locally, I’m in a Facebook group for Vents.  If you’re not familiar, it’s where people go to blow off some steam about their day, explain the bee they have in their bonnet, complain about why life isn’t fair.  I think you get the idea.

Tonight, one of the members posted a link to someone else’s Facebook post, which read as follows:

Nothing pisses me off more than to go inside a gas station or a store: You hear a child ask politely for a 0.89$ or 0.99$ BugJuice and their guardian tells him “no we don’t have enough money”but yet their guardian can afford 2packs of cigarettes, a can of dip, and 2beers! So today I bought this little boy 2bugjuices, a bag of chips, and candy. When my daughter gave it to him(he had the biggest smile)his guardian said rudely”he didn’t deserve that ” I politely said ” well mam you didn’t need all that either hope you have a nice day”! #kidshouldalwayscomefirst  I Learned From Watching You Mom and Dad

I Learned From Watching You Mom and Dad

I Learned From Watching You Mom and Dad

At the time of my writing this article, there were 82 people who had used the emoticons on the original post.  Most had either liked or loved the post.  There were 2 wows and 1 angry face.

Numerous other members of our group responded with their opinions of the situation.  Overwhelmingly, the majority thought the lady was in the wrong for being nice to the child.  The majority also defended the guardian for their behavior, lying to their child about not having enough money.  This is an 18+ group and most who responded are parents.  These are some of the responses, positive and negative :

  • Maybe the child misbehaved and someone just taught the child that it’s ok, consequences can be interrupted by someone who’s not the parent?  How does this woman know those people were broke? I Learned From Watching You Mom and Dad
    • Considering she brought up the 2 packs of smokes, I doubt it, she’s stating, instead of telling ur child ur broke while u continue 2 buy smokes…pretty sure it’s not aimed at children misbehaving
  • If they’re broke, they how can they afford to buy cigarettes? That makes NO SENSE!
  • Maybe the little kid doesn’t get those. They are loaded full of sugar. Or, maybe he had allergies to a chemical in it. I don’t agree with this at all. I would be pissed as a parent.  I Learned From Watching You Mom and Dad
  • I’d be mad. When I tell my children no its no. Not no until a stranger foes it anyway
  • The point of the post is telling your child “you don’t have the money” yet you buy smokes or beer in front of them  I Learned From Watching You Mom and Dad
  • Tye excuse I use is my own. Maybe I don’t want to announce that my kid was a poop that day or maybe it’s an excuse because they have an award waiting at home  I Learned From Watching You Mom and Dad
  • I agree I always say we don’t have the money 🙈🙈. My son ask for everything. I said look we don’t have the money and you know we’re on our way to gma’s.  I Learned From Watching You Mom and Dad
  • Whether you think it’s unfair or not, you don’t undermine a parent. That is wrong and , frankly, none of your business.
  • First of all not your place, one a bug juice is filled with a bunch of sugar and I am sure parent don’t need to be giving this to their child every two second. Yes I might give my kids drinks and snacks but if I know they have had enough or whatever the case may be then no I will tell them gladly no and if someone undermines my authority right in front of my kids then yes I would take those snacks and throw them back in their face. Understandable some time u don’t have money and buy cigs and stuff but honestly parents get their own money and sometimes an addiction is hard to shack. People have their own addiction, but best believe don’t put a parent down because u don’t know the whole story. That is bullsh*%  I Learned From Watching You Mom and Dad
  • Ok 1. They do know what is going on for example there is certain things she is absolutely not allowed to have and 2. A stranger has no place in spoiling a random child as she doesn’t know what is going on in their family. Now unless she is seeing abuse or negligence it is not her place to step in and be captain save a brat.
  • Have you heard of the act of kindness. Child. Kindness. Get over it. That’s what I’m talking about. If I said it wrong I don’t care. It’s been kind
  • I usually respond with I don’t have the money. I also am the mother and I work. So if that means that I want to go buy a beer at the end of the day then that’s exactly what I’m going to do. She is beyond lucky she didn’t do this to me because I would of embarrassed the piss out of her.  I Learned From Watching You Mom and Dad
  • This to me proves a lot of parents are selfish to their own Wants and yes I say wants cause smokes, beer, are Wants. But yet if your child wants something you can’t afford it. GTFOH.. If those were not the items you wanted because of said sugar or whatever excuse your gonna use. Then you as a parent tell them they can pick something and you as the parent show them say 3things they can choose one from. That way you can pick something you think is OK for them.. But don’t lie and say you don’t have any money while your buying that right in front of them. If it was a behavior issue then that should be the reason you tell them not lieing to them.
  • While I don’t agree with it personally, we don’t know if the child was misbehaving earlier and mom wants a beer for when she finally gets his @$$ down to sleep. It’s really no ones business to step in unless she’s mistreating her child which isn’t the case. P.s.. Parents are allowed to treat themselves without treating their kids. Totally okay contrary to popular belief.  I Learned From Watching You Mom and Dad
  • Good deed my @$$. You could have bought a homeless, starving person that garbage, at least that would have been more decent. Try that with me and my kids and you’ll be blowing bug juice out of your nose. How dare you undermine a parent like that. You don’t know their situation. I hope your children don’t beat you when they get older. how bow dah!?  I Learned From Watching You Mom and Dad

I’d had enough of what I considered the stupidity at this point.  The woman who wrote the original post isn’t in our group.  Since everyone has their own opinion, I shared mine.  It didn’t go over very well with one particular member.

I love that the lady showed kindness to the child.  In my opinion, it’s what most people with a good upbringing would do. People just do this sort of thing where I came from. Typically, someone offers to purchase the drink the child asked to purchase. IT’S JUST THE RIGHT THING TO DO since the parent has some screwed up priorities.  This is based solely on the short, observed conversation.

Where I come from, we ask the parents for permission to make the purchase for the child. This ensures that #1 it’s ok with the parent and #2 the money doesn’t go to said worthless parent.

YES, I do consider it to be a worthless parent whom lies to their child. If the child has misbehaved, then tell the child NO, you may not because you misbehaved earlier. No, we just left the grocery store and you have such and such in the car. No, we’re on the way to Grandma’s and we’ll eat there. You have to train your children from birth to act the way you want them to act. Tell children the truth.  Even young children accept and respond truthfully, without loud, spoiled brat tantrums after hearing the word “no.” 

For those speaking of the difference of wants and needs. Obviously, NONE of the original items purchased were NEEDED.

This is also a VERY HOT topic with me. My ex-husband used to tick me off. The ice cream truck used to come by where he lived. He always told our daughter that he didn’t have the money to buy ice cream. However, he always had money to buy booze and tattoos for himself.  Strangely, those are things that only became a priority to him after we divorced.  

As a child, I attended Catholic Mass on Sunday mornings with my mother.  Later in the morning, Sunday, and Wednesday nights, we attended Baptist services with Dad.  This occurred  from birth until about age 12.  In the summers, I typically attended two and sometimes three Vacation Bible Schools.  When I decided to accept Christ, I even had two ministers who jokingly “fought” over who was going to Baptize me.  I wish I had chosen to be baptized in the river.  What an experience that would have been!

One summer, I served for a couple of weeks as part of a summer missionary group on the Texas/Mexico border. Later, I attended the Baptist church, nearly every time the church doors were open. After I started teaching, I taught two years in a Lutheran School.  As an adult, I’ve taught and worked in the Sunday School and Vacation Bible School Departments, as well as other areas of church work.  While I may be Heinz 57 when it comes to religion, there is absolutely no doubt that I am proudly a Christian.

When teaching, I used LOTS of cooperative learning activities.  One activity is named Three Fibs (or Three Lies) and the Truth, Find the Fib, etc.  I’ve never been one to lie, so I never used this activity with my students.  In my opinion, the use of this activity taught students it was okay to lie and their goal was to lie really well.

DON’T LIE TO A CHILD. YOU ARE ONLY TEACHING THEM TO LIE TO YOU!  I Learned From Watching You Mom and Dad. After I had finished my own vent on the thread in our vent group, it lead me to this Rodney Atkins song, “Watching You.”  If you watch and listen to the song, I don’t need to explain anything else.

I Learned From Watching You Mom and Dad

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