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Cataracts cause LCD images like these to blur

A few years ago I became alarmed with my vision.  At dusk until after dark, my vision blurred to the point I was no longer able to read the digital LCD signs that are so popular nowadays.  I reported the issue to my eye doctor at my next yearly eye exam.  I wasn’t prepared for the diagnosis.

I was still in my thirties, yet I had developed cataracts.  Cataracts are another one of those great long-term side-effects of the steroids used to treat multiple sclerosis (MS) attacks.She was able to diagnose me with just my description of what I was seeing.  Those LCD displays that use pixel dot displays are the ones that give me problems.  Until I’m extremely close to them, they’re horribly blurry.  The beige looking lights are the easiest for me to read, they seem to be the least blurry, but the red, orange, and green are an absolute nightmare.  They appear as just a giant blob until I’m beside them.

Knight Visor Driving Glasses has given me a new lease on late evening and night time driving.  I have prescription glasses I wear for distance, but typically don’t wear them at night.  They just don’t feel right on my face.  This isn’t an issue with the Knight Visor Driving Glasses.  They are so lightweight and comfortable, I honestly forget I’m wearing them.

I’ve always preferred polarized sunglasses, so the polarized Knight Visor Driving Glasses make me even happier.  I’m able to read those LCD displays without my failed attempt at squinting.  Those blurry blobs are really clear using the Knight Visor Driving Glasses.

Knight Visor

The Knight Visor Driving Glasses should really be labeled as the Knight Visor Driving Glasses Kit.  The package comes with two different cases for the Knight Visor Driving Glasses, one is the large, hard sided case and the other is the soft, draw-string pouch.  There is also a clip that can be used for storing glasses on visors in your car.  A cleaning cloth is also included to wipe away any finger prints or other smudges left on the lenses.

I would recommend Knight Visor Driving Glasses to others who have problems seeing well while driving at night.  They could make a huge different in how well see and drive!


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