Kmart Doubles Coupons Everyday

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Kmart Doubles Coupons Everyday

Kmart Doubles Coupons Everyday

I so wish we had a Kmart in my little town!  Our nearest Kmart is about 30 minutes away, but I try to take advantage of shopping there whenever I can.  Why?  Because Kmart Doubles Coupons Everyday!  The only hitch is that you must have a Kmart/Sears Shop Your Way Rewards Card.  Another plus to this?  You also earn points which accumulate and can then be used like cash to pay for your shopping!  The points do expire if not used, but I believe it takes about a year for them to expire.

While Kmart doesn’t actually have a true coupon policy, the closest I can find for a Kmart Coupon Policy is buried deep in their site.  I would print this info out, put it in my coupon binder, and take it with me when shopping at Kmart.

Before we went to Kmart, I searched through all of my coupons for Food, Household, Health, and Beauty Items.  In order to qualify for double coupons, you must make a $25 purchase from these areas of the store before any coupons are doubled.  Only coupons for $1 or less are doubled.  No doubling for store coupons, FREE, BOGO coupons, or anything over $1.

You can use coupons for all of the items in your cart, but only five coupons will double.  In the shopping trip above, I did have a coupon for every item purchased, several were FREE.  Those FREE items counted toward my $25 before coupons as well.  Combine the double coupons with clearance and/or sale items and you can ROCK some deals at Kmart!  Make sure you also pick up the monthly Kmart sale ad, on the back cover or the wrap around cover there is typically a coupon for an item that is FREE each week.  That’s how I received the King Size Reese’s packs for FREE.

I split my order into three different transactions before reaching the cash register.  It made check out a breeze!  I have some small plastic envelopes that I use to keep coupons separated by transaction and often use separate small shopping basket in my cart to help keep each transaction organized.  Then I drop the coupons into that basket so that I’m totally organized.  Each time I reach $25, I try to make up a new transaction, guess I forgot to do that with my 2nd transaction.  The only real benefit would have been receiving another free Reese’s pack.  If I had more coupons I wanted to double, I would have taken the time to develop those transactions a little more.

MS Do’s Recent Kmart Shopping Trip
Transaction #1 Transaction #2 Transaction #3
Before Coupons            $35.51 Before Coupons            $79.92 Before Coupons            $22.50
Paid                             $11.92 Paid                             $17.40 Paid                             $12.35

I’m not quite sure how the 3rd transaction worked out to $22.50.  It should have been $25 and I’m sure it was or the coupons wouldn’t have doubled.  If I didn’t have the Shop Your Way Rewards card and didn’t use the coupons as carefully as I did, I would have paid $137.93 before tax.  Instead, I paid $41.67 using BOGO 50% sales, regular store sales, double coupons, and money earned by just using the Shop Your Way Rewards program.  This saved me a total of $96.26 or 70%!

This isn’t extreme couponing, but extremely sensible if you ask me!

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