Heard About the Best Buy Electronics Recycling Program?

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Best Buy Electronics Recycling Program

No matter where you bought it,

Use the Best Buy Electronics Recycling Program

Don’t you love technology when it works, but get so frustrated with it when it doesn’t?  Even worse is what do you do with it when it toally quits working?  We’re often advised not to dispose of our electronics in our household trash, but we’re not given other choices about what to do with our dead equipment.  Especially if you live in rural areas like I do.

Technology is the fastest growing waste stream on the planet. As one of the world’s largest retailer of consumer electronics, Best Buy wants to be part of the solution.  Their industry-leading recycling efforts are available for free in every Best Buy location in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

If you bring your electronics to Best Buy, they will responsibly and safely dispose of them, recycling 387 pounds of electronics each minute our stores are open. No matter where you bought or how old it is, Best Buy will recycle it.

The Best Buy Electronics Recycling Programhas a dedicated page on their site for you to investigate.  It explains what items are accepted, which items are accepted in Best Buy stores, and which are accepted in Best Buy mobile stores.  Credits, in the form of gift cards, can be earned by recycling through this innovation new program.  Of course, certain restrictions apply when it comes to earning the gift cards.

For example, I have a large older style TV and an all-in-one printer that both worked really well in their time.  However they died and are ready for the boneyard.  While I’m thankful for the new Best Buy recycling program accepting these dead items, I did go through the steps on the Best Buy Electronics Recycling Program Page to find out if there was hidden gold in my dead electronics.  As I expected, I won’t be receiving any Best Buy Gift Cards.    Not a big deal since it’s keeping these potentially hazardous electronics out of landfills!

 When I visit Best Buy to turn in my TV and printer, I will be able to investigate the whole line of Energy Star certified products that I may choose from to replace my dearly departed products.   Using the link above, I can shop the products online before leaving home.

Do you have any products that you plan to take in for the  Best Buy Electronics Recycling Program?  Will you hold onto your dearly departed products until you can make a trip to Best Buy, to keep them out of the landfills?  Did you check out the links above to find out if you’ll receive any gift cards for turning them in?

***Update (4/18)***

While Miss JoJo and I were away on Spring Break, we took my favorite printer with us.  It didn’t go along for the ride, but my Epson RX620 took a one way trip to Best Buy.  The process was very quick and easy because we simply dropped off the printer and were back in the car within a couple of minutes.  I’m sure it would be a little more involved if you tried to get a gift card for a working product, but my printer died a year earlier and I just had to ask where to take it.

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  1. In our small town, we actually have an electronics drop box, but people just put everything there. We see people dropping stuff, and picking other stuff up, so that’s good. But I like the idea of taking it to best buy and getting credits. We usually just keep it all. Hubby is kind of an electronics guru, and he has a slight electronics hoarding problem LOL but he tries to limit himself. He usually pons it off on his friends. I will teach him to take it to best buy now, so we can earn credits! That should entice him, he loves shopping at best buy.

  2. gift cards for credit is great incentive and I love that the items don’t have to come from Best Buy, they can be bought anywhere. Great program!

  3. It is great that they offer this.. Thanks

  4. Such an awesome program. I love that they see to it that stuff is properly recycled, and well gift cards are a nice incentive!

  5. I have 2 dead laptops that need to go. One has been sitting in a corner for over a year, (the other 2 months) because I don’t want to just throw them in the trash. My Mom told me about somewhere to take them, but I’m not sure exactly where it is. I keep meaning to look it up and get there, but…

    Glad to know about Best Buy’s program, I KNOW where there are several Best Buy stores. Those laptops just might find their final resting place soon!

    • Sounds like you have found a resting place for those dearly departed laptops. Let me know how the turn in works for you. Glad you came across the post and learned about the program.

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