Groupon: Grow Your Own Blueberries

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Groupon Blueberry PlantsGroupon:  Grow Your Own Blueberries

I grew up in the deep south.  My parents were from farming families, so naturally we grew lots of our own vegetables every summer.  I did try gardening on my own years ago, but ran into a bit of trouble.  The trouble was the cute little squirrels that kept beating me to everything I was trying to grow!

After I retired unexpectedly, I started doing unexpected things, like gardening!  My friends thought I had gone off  my rocker!  The longer I am retired, the more I enjoy playing in the dirt.  My tomatoes usually thrive in the little garden on the side of my house.  The more I play and watch grow, the more I WANT to play and watch grow!

Remember Shirley McClain from playing Ouizer Boudreaux in Steel Magnolias?  I think the first 45 seconds this scene perfectly describes my love affair with gardening.  It’s how I describe it anyway.  😉

I’ve grown my own strawberry plants for many years and purchased blackberries a few days ago at Aldi.  I think I paid $5.99 each for two plants, which is roughly the price of about four small cartons.  The exception is that my plants should bear fruit all season long!  I priced similar blackberry plants tonight at Lowe’s and was blown away with the $14.98 sticker price.  I also checked the price of blueberry plants to compare them to the blueberry plants I found with this Groupon offer.  The plants at Lowe’s are $9.98.  I think I’ll order the Groupon plants that are $14.99 for two.

Two Blueberry Plants for $14.99
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This is some helpful information that I found about growing your own blueberry plants.

Growing Blueberries in Missouri – Legacy seemed to be my best option for the blueberry choices in Missouri.

Another Excellent Blueberry PDF – Filled with TONS of great information about blueberries and growing them.

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