Good Cook Build Your Kitchen Drawer Giveaway Event

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Good Cook Build Your Kitchen DrawerGood Cook 5 Piece Kitchen Drawer Event

Good Cook sent some new tools to me to use in the creation of  my Salisbury Noodle Bowl.  I’m a kitchen tool junkie, so I loved getting this new set to experiment with.  Although I haven’t truly used all of the tools yet, I’ve had fun playing with them all.  The tools received were:

    • SMART Ice cream scoop – Sleek and smooth, this beveled non-stick teflon ice cream scooper, splits in half to release perfect balls of ice cream.
    • Flip Measuring spoon – This one little measuring spoon replaces four individual spoons ( 1/4 tsp, 1/2 tsp, 1 tsp, and 1 tbsp).  Even though only two spoons are “visible,” just use your finger to mash it from one side and it converts to another spoon with a different measurement on the back side.  Good Cook Flip Measuring spoon
    • Safe-cut Can Opener – This all in one can opener does it all!  It eliminates kitchen clutter by also serving as a bottle opener, cap twister, and tab puller. It makes safe and clean cuts by slicing through the can under the rim of the lid.
    • Egg Separator – Although I haven’t actually used it for a recipe, I have played with it.  Ever broken an egg yolk while separating it using the egg shell?  It won’t happen with this one and there is a special slot used to attach the Egg Separator to the side of the bowl.  This will allow you to keep both hands on the egg shell.  Good Cook Egg Seperator
    • Pot Clip Holder – No more searching for a spoon rest.  Just clip this Pot Clip Holder onto the side of your pot  and it will hold your spoon for you while you cook.  No more drips on the stove or counter top!  Good Cook Pot Clip

Like Good Cook on Facebook and enter our first 5-day Kitchen Gadget Giveaway starting June 2 – June 7 and win selected products that can be added to your own kitchen drawer.  This is a spectacular event that will go through July 14 and give you a chance to build and win your own spectacular drawer full of items from Good Cook Build Your Kitchen Drawer.

Win more kitchen items from Good Cook on Facebook from June 2 – 7

Like Good Cook on Facebook and enter our first 5-day Kitchen Gadget Giveaway starting June 2 – June 7 and win selected products that can be added to your drawer

Build Your Kitchen Drawer Sweepstakes June 2 – July 14

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