Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival Review

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Disney Live!  Mickey's Music Festival ReviewDisney Live!  Mickey’s Music Festival Review

Disney Live!  Mickey’s Musical Festival show was fabulous!  With three adults taking one three year old to a Disney show, we weren’t sure if we would be quite as captivated as the three year old.  Much to our surprise, all of the adults enjoyed the show as much as the little one did.

When I say there was something for everyone, take me at my word.  The music offered a great variety of tunes from the 80s forward to go along with the different scenes and skits.  While there was a lot of movement throughout the show, there was also a point during the show when the audience was asked to get up and move to the groove, as well.

Disney Live!  Mickey's Music Festival Review

All of the best known Disney couples were present and performed.  Minnie and Mickey were featured more than any of the other couples which included: Aladdin and Jasmin; Arial and her Prince; and Woody and Jessie.  While I honestly expected a performance of the Disney movies, I am pleased to say that wasn’t what we saw.

Disney Live!  Mickey's Music Festival Review

Ticket prices were well within the expected rate.  While we sat in the “almost cheap” seats, I have absolutely no complaints.  Our seats were very comfortable and we enjoyed a great view.  It was obvious that great care had been taken to make sure everyone had a great view. No matter where the performers were situated, you were able to see the entire scene.  Plenty of thought went into planning of the fabulous scenery, as well.  From the props to the digital displays, everything transitioned smoothly and efficiently to keep the show flowing seamlessly.

Of course,  the Juanita K. Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts isn’t the largest or smallest of venues, so your location may be different. Souvenirs and snacks were quite high in my opinion.  This was a big disappointment, but at the end of the show they were selling very reasonably priced bags of goodies.  Those were literally as you were walking out the door. So, if you really want a souvenir, you might want to wait until the end.

Disney Live!  Mickey's Music Festival Review

The Disney Live Musical Festival is a great family show.  It is well worth your time, money, and the chance to create some magical Disney memories with your family.

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  1. Sounds like fun – I still love Mickey and Minnie!

    Interesting about the price of the goody bags dropping at the end! Unfortunately most venues sell stuff at ridiculously expensive prices. hat is one of things I love about the Children’s theatre locally – they sell few things and what they do sell is affordable.

    • I know. I was blown away at how much cheaper the goody bags were. They just didn’t have any I wanted for my C Girl! 🙁

      Yes, it’s great when souvenirs are more affordable, but sad when they’re so crazy expensive. My friend went to a similar event within a week or two and the prices were even higher. Seemed like the bigger the city, the higher the prices. 🙁

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