My Dad, My Best Friend

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 My Dad, My Best Friend

My cousin, David lost his battle with cancer this past July.  He was a HUGE fan of John Wayne and even named his son after The Duke when he was born.  Please help his son, John Wayne, win a contest.  If his poem is selected as the winner, he will win a Stealth Cam.  This is being sponsored by a Live2Hunt TV show, so it seems.

My cousin was the 4H Shooting coach for Houston County, TX and passed away this pass July after having cancer for only 45 days. He enriched many lives of the youth and adults in their county.  Between my dad and him, they researched our family all the way back to the Revolutionary War.  Some great grandfather of ours was a minuteman!

I know NOTHING about the Stealth Cam or the TV show, but would LOVE to help him win the contest, simply for writing in memory of his dad.  To vote, simply go to the Cody Robbins page on Facebook.  All you need to do is click LIKE on THIS POEM under the name of Kina Williamson.  Currently, it’s about the third or fourth comment from the top of the comments.

My Dad, my best friend, was always my scout,
But this past July cancer won out,
Now without my guide,
The ability to scout is a difficult ride,
Live2hunt brings back the memories,good and bad
And all the great hunting stories, happy and sad
Thanks for spreading your cheer
I wish you all success and health this year,
Lord watch over us all,
As we head out to the woods this fall
Bring us home safely and sound,
And keep our feet planted firmly on the ground

Thanks for all of you who took the time to read and a sincere appreciation for those who make the additional effort to like the poem, to increase his chances of winning.


  1. Voted! This story hit home as my brother was a huge John Wayne fan and died young from lung cancer. 🙁

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