Create an Online Recipe Box with Yummly

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Create an Online Recipe Box with Yummly

Believe it or not, but there are still people who haven’t heard of or using Pinterest.  So, these people don’t have the option of saving their recipes as easily as we do.  What options do these people have to save their recipes?

Of course, they can always go back to printing off their favorite recipes and creating binders and recipe books.  But, a much better and easier option is to create a FREE Yummly account.

There are two ways to use Yummly.  Either way will help you create your Yummly account the first time you use it.  Look for the Yummly button at the side, top, and bottom of  recipes on websites.  This is what one of mine looks like and it’s at the very bottom of my site at every single post.

Yummly Share Buttons

All you need to do is click the Yum button and it will open the Yum site, allowing you to save the recipe.  Unlike Pinterest, you won’t need to specify a folder for it to be placed it.  Why don’t you need to keep it in certain folders?  Because Yummly is JUST for recipes!

There’s another option that I use in addition to the Yummly share button.  It’s the Yum Bookmarklet.  It places a small Yum barkmarklet on your bookmarks bar so that you can use Yummly on every page, whether the blogger is using Yummly or not.

As a blogger, I use both.  I have added the Yum button to my share buttons for my convenience and yours.  I’ve also installed the Yummly Bookmarklet to allow me to save recipes from any website I find.

There is an area where you specify the types of recipes and ingredients you prefer.  This helps Yummly determine and suggest recipes you might like.

Yummly Screenshot

Bloggers will want to know some specific information about YummlyYummly doesn’t actually save an entire recipe.  It will use your image, typically your featured image, but not always.  It also shows a list of your ingredients, time needed, and a rating for the recipe.  It also links directly back to the exact recipe on your website.  As a bonus, it’s also a growing source of traffic for your website.

You need either a Facebook, Google+, or Email account to create a Yummly account.

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