Coverplug Updates and Hides Wall Outlets

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Coverplug Updated and Hid This Ugly Outlet

My daughter recently moved out.  When I was redecorating her room, I was surprised with a few of her wall outlets.  She decorated the outlets with some puff paint in the last several years.  Needless to say, I was less than thrilled with her taste in decor.

Luckily, I found a company called Coverplug.  They make covers that easily plug into your existing wall outlets.  While they can be used like they are, with the cream color showing, they’re really fast and easy to paint, as well.  I had several paint sample jars left over from when my daughter and I painted her room.  They had small paint brushes built-in to the lid and made it quick and easy to apply the paint to the Coverplug.  Because I’ve done quite a few paint projects, I knew to take my time and paint going only in one direction, using thin, even coats.

On a warm, dry day, I was able to apply two coats of paint and install the Coverplug in just a couple of hours.  If I had been in a real hurry, I could have used a blow dryer to dry the paint and been done with the entire project in about fifteen minutes.


I think it turned out really nice looking.  The Coverplug blends seamlessly into the wall.  No more less than attractive looking wall outlet jumping out at me when I walk into my new guest room.  Instead, I have a solid wall without anything obvious on it.

The Coverplug is much safer to use for baby proofing than traditional plugs, too.  Many little ones have been known to pull traditional plugs out of the outlets.  The Coverplug takes a bit more effort for me to get it in and out of the outlet.  I doubt that a little one would ever be able to unplug it.  It also makes it safer since there is no risk of a little one sticking something into the outlet.

Whether you are wanting to baby proof your home or make it more walls more visually attractive, with hidden wall outlets, Coverplug has you covered!

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