Couponing for a Cause: Joplin, Missouri

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Couponing for a Cause

I’m sure that you’ve noticed I’ve been MIA for a few days.  Sorry about that, but I’ve been busy “Couponing for a Cause.”  What cause am I couponing for?  It’s a cause that’s near and dear to my heart and near to my hometown, it’s Joplin, Missouri.  While many people are in the position to simply donate money so that it can be used as need be, I’m unable to do that.  Instead, I took the very small amount that I was able to donate and used my mad skills and talents as a coupon shopper to turn that small amount into a large collection of goods that I’m able to donate at one of our local collection points.

Since I live in a small, rural town I have few places to shop where I can get extraordinary deals when coupon shopping.  I was planning to go to Springfield, MO for a doctor’s appointment and took advantage of being able to shop at Target and Walgreens.  I spent Wednesday sorting and organizing my coupons from Sunday’s newspaper and printing more coupons from, Kellogg’s, Redplum, and Smart Source.  I then went to the Target and Walgreens websites to also print off their coupons that matched up with my coupons.  Next I matched up my coupons with the items that were on sale. That’s basically how I made my shopping list, I planned to shop for items that I had double coupons for, that were on sale, and/or that I could buy for next to nothing.

 Couponing for a Cause

Couponing for a Cause

I got REALLY, REALLY LUCKY with a Degree deodorant deal that I found.  I had four BOGO coupons.  It was $3.84/stick and I was going to get 8.  I rounded the corner and found box sets of Degree deodorant marked down to $4.24 with 3 each in the men’s boxes and 4 each in the women’s boxes.  I ended up with 28 sticks of deodorant, instead of 8 for only $2.40 more.  I used my four BOGO coupons, $1 MFG coupon, 3-$0.75 MFG coupons, and $1 Target coupons.  The 28 sticks of Degree deodorant ended up costing me $13.68 with tax.  How fabulous is that?  You can see a complete breakdown of the items that I purchased and what my costs and savings were by clicking HERE.  My other FABULOUS buy was $2 Colgate Toothpaste with free toothbrushes.  I had $1 coupons making six tubes of toothpaste and six toothbrushes $1 each for a total of $6!!  The cereal was a sweet deal as well.  My daughter and I are both members of Vocalpoint and had received the Kellogg’s Mini Wheat with Touch of Fruit samples and coupons.  We’re not wild about this cereal, so we donated our samples, and used our coupons to purchase more.  We used our BOGO and $1 coupons to score four boxes of cereal for a total of $3.85, tax included.  That’s only a penny more than a single box of cereal cost before tax!  You can also see that we included other sample size boxes of cereals and snack bars that we’ve received.  After I took the picture we thought of a few other things that we had stored away but wanted to include. 

Overall I ended up spending $39.03 on $149.08 worth of merchandise, a savings of 74%.  I would have NEVER been able to spend this kind of money, but I love the fact that I can donate so much to such a worthy cause. 

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