Coupon Database

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Ever wonder if a particular coupon is available anywhere?  Wish you had a coupon for a certain brand?  Other than asking your friends if they know of the types of coupons you’re looking for,  do you wish for a better solution?  If you can answer yes to any of these questions,  then you need to use the Deals From MS Do Coupon Database.

I wonder if these coupons have all expired?

Find a stack of uncut coupons but don’t want to go through them page by page to find out if there are unexpired coupons in them?  Just check the the outside, uncut edge (the spine) to check for the insert date.  Then click the handy dandy buttons on this great little widget to save your time and effort.

Looking for something to do with your expired coupons?  Send them to your military friends stationed at military bases overseas.  They’re allowed to use the expired coupons for up to six months past the expiration date!  Need more info?  Just send me an email and I can get you hooked up!  Send me an email at DealsFromMsDo(at) with the subject Troop Coupons.

After receiving your request, I will reach out to my contact for a family overseas to connect you with.  There is an organization that you can send your expired coupons to or you can work with various people to send the coupons directly to individuals and reduce the “down” time for the coupons to reach their final destination.

No matter what, I would NOT suggest sending printable coupons, unless you are sending to a real life family or friends.  Why?  Because you don’t know what people will do with the coupons once they receive them.  As a reminder, it is illegal to copy coupons, even printable coupons, unless you are making your legal one or two copies from a legitimate coupon site.

Do NOT ever, place a page of coupons on your copier, scanner, etc. to make more coupons.  This is an illegal and incorrect use of the coupon.  The coupon is encoded with data which can be traced back to your home.  Yes, it really is possible, without a lot of work!  This is why you shouldn’t send or trade those printable coupons with people you aren’t personal friends with.  It’s a better safe than sorry policy.