Coupon Binders Organization and Boxes Too!

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Coupon Binders Organization and Boxes TooCoupon Binders Organization and Boxes Too!

This is my crash-course coupon binders organization so that you can be ready to get MS Do’s Deals! It’s an outline about how to get yourself organizedI’ve linked to the products I found on Amazon that are similar to what I use!  Even if you use a coupon box, this system should work for you!

Coupon Binder Organization

  1. Get an oversized binder , like those used for scrapbooking materials. 
    1. Regular notebook-sized binders and “baseball card” organizer pages just aren’t accommodating to coupons.  They generally force you to fold your coupons and I like to glance at my coupons and see the offer as well as the expiration date at the same time.  Folding your coupons doesn’t allow you to do this.
    2. I do use some baseball card pages in my binder, but they’re not the main pages.
  2. Purchase a variety of pages to hold your coupons. 
    1. I suggest a variety of various types of pages, because coupons come in a variety of sizes and shapes, don’t they?
    2. My current binder has 6 pages that are connected together going three across that are 12″ x 12″ each.  Each page is a different layout (see mine above) and holds coupons of different shapes and sizes.
    3. I also have some baseball style pages (see mine) that I referenced above.
  3. Buy or create dividers (see mine and another) for your special and store coupons.
    1. I made mine out of 10 x 12 scrapbook paper.
    2. I used a solid color paper for each store with a coordinating strip about 1″ wide down the right side of the page.
    3. Next I used my label maker to make LARGE VERTICAL (up and down) labels to place on each of the strips.
    4. I laminated the dividers to make them sturdier since I knew that these pages would get a lot of wear and tear.  This is especially important for all of the edges, but the right may be the most important because of turning the pages there.  The left is also very important because of the strain against the binder rings.
  4. Use the dividers to create a section for “Use Quickly” coupons and store coupons.
    1. “Use Quickly” coupons – expire soon, FREE items, on my shopping list.
      • I used GREEN Paper with polka dotted trim – very attention getting – that’s the point!
    2. Store Coupons – These are usually printed from the internet, but may also be available in store flyers.  These are MY local stores, of course yours will probably vary unless you live in my town.
      • Dollar General – Yellow and Black
        • Coupons – I ONLY print the ones that have the DG Logo from their site
      • Kroger

        • Cellfire Digital Coupons (including Baker’s, City Market, Dillon’s, Fry’s, Gerbes, Hilander, JayC, King Soopers, Kroger, Owen’s, Pay Less, QFC, Ralph’s, Scott’s, Smith’s, Carr’s, Dominick’s, Genuardi’s, Pavilions, Randall’s, Safeway, Tom Thumb, Vons, ShopRite),
      • Price Cutter– Bright Pink and Royal Blue (too many other red stores, so Pink for Price Cutter)
      • Target – Red and Black
        • Coupons – Hard to troubleshoot which ones are Target exclusives
      • Walgreens– Navy and Red (Navy is new)
      • Walmart – Blue and Red
    3. I use approximately 3 of the baseball style pages for each of the special types of coupons and stores.
  5. Create a special section in the back of your binder for the Coupon Policies of the stores you frequent (see mine).
    1. This is a great way to use those full-sized binder pages that may have come in the kits of pages you may have purchased.
    2. I try to draw, print, or doodle the store logo on the policy print out so that it makes it easy and fast to grab when I want to review it.
    3. Links to the stores that I frequent:
    4. Pull out the Coupon Policy at a store, if there is a problem, and politely ask the cashier and/or manager to explain how you have misunderstood the policy, why your coupon won’t be accepted, etc.