Catch It All Because One Screen Is Never Enough

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Are you all caught up in the NCAA March Madness?  Do you use every available moment to check your smartphone, laptop, and sports channel on the TV to check up on your favorite teams?  How are your brackets looking?  From what I hear, Warren Buffet is going to keep his money as no one seems to have made it past last weekend’s upsets on the courts.

Believe it or not, but not a single bracket has been filled out in this house or even looked at for that matter.  I’m sure that my ex-husband had his filled out as soon as they were available, but Miss JoJo and I couldn’t care less.  Believe it or not, but basketball is one of the few sports I can actually tolerate watching.  Of course, I’d rather watch The Harlem Globetrotters play if I must though.  😉

Best Buy CatchitAll

Even though we aren’t big basketball fans around here, that doesn’t mean we’re any less fans of the latest technologies available.  As I sit in my living room typing this up, on my laptop, I have Facebook rolling on a side toolbar through a program I use called Yoono.    I actually get to see a LOT more updates from my friends and the pages I follow than in the standard newsfeed.  I can even comment and/or like their statuses using the Yoono toolbar.

But my laptop screen isn’t the only screen lit up and glowing right now.  About ten feet away sits my new to me 42″ High Def Panasonic TV.  If you saw my Dyson 65 Animal Vacuum Review, you’ll know that we were in DESPERATE need of a new TV!  Of course, if you know me personally, you’ll also know that my iPhone is also less than an arm’s length away.  That’s normal for most of us these days, right?  However, since I’m home all day, I typically have a couple of apps running that help earn gift cards for me.  To me, it’s a way for my phone to pay me back.

What apps am I running?  My favorite app is Viggle.  Why?  Because I earn gift cards for watching TV.  Yes, I really do.  I’ve done this for a couple of years.  You can download the app in the iTunes or Google Play Store.  If you email me ( with VIGGLE in the subject line)  I’ll send you an invite, which will reward us both with 1,000 bonus points. My favorite gift cards from Viggle are Best Buy and Amazon.  They also offer name brand merchandise.  The more you use the app, the more points you earn.  Of course the more you do, the better the merchandise made available to you.

My second favorite app these days is Perk TV.  It’s a similar app to Viggle, but it rewards me for watching movie trailers and viewing other app info on the Perk TV app.  There are other ways to earn reward points on Perk TV, but the movie trailers (second button on the left on the iPhone) is the easiest.  Perk TV can also be downloaded from the iTunes and Google Play store.  If you use my Referral Code:  3ac2c3ea I’ll earn 500 points when you earn your first reward.  You will get 50 bonus points for using my referral code.  I typically earn between 500 to 1,000 points a day.  You can earn your first gift card with Amazon, Target, or many of your other favorite stores within just a few days!

If you’re interested in other great Smartphone Apps, head on over to the Apps for Smartphones category to find other apps that pay me for using them.  Yes, there are others out there!

We also use a Nook Color around here.  When I bought it, I thought it would work as a regular tablet.  Well, not so much, but I do use it on a regular basis and not as a reader as it’s intended to be.  I use it in my kitchen when cooking.  It’s become my electronic cookbook.    Yeah, I can use my iPhone to do the same thing, but I love the size of the Nook screen.  I don’t have to print out a paper version of the recipes I want to use, I just load them on the screen, set my Nook on the cookbook stand, and get busy making our fun and tasty mess.

On the other side of the room from the picture above is another computer.  It’s at the end of the couch where my daughter spends her time.  She also has my old iPhone and it’s a rare day that like her mother, she isn’t using both of them at once. Yep, to say we’re a bit techie around here is a bit of an understateme-nt.

Catch It All

I’m a big fan of The Walking Dead.  On a recent episode, Carl and Rick ended up in a house with all of the latest and greatest for the teen boy cave ever.  Well, before the Apocalypse anyway.  😉  Too bad he couldn’t use anything except cords to secure the front door from the walkers.

It made me wonder how badly we would miss all of our electronic convenience gadgets.  It would be hard, but eventually I’d get with the program.  After all, we grew up without all of these things.  The younger generations however would have a really hard time.

So, until the Apocalypse, I’ll just Catch It All, Because One Screen Is Never Enough!  I also know that I’ll head to Best Buy to select some of those screen options. I’m planning to visit them soon for accessories for the new Samsung Note III I ordered just tonight.


  1. You are right about getting along without the gadgets – those of us old enough to remember not having all that know that we’d survive (though I’d hate it – I admit if my internet is down more than a half hour I start going crazy, lol) I’m not a huge TV watcher, but don’t take away my DVD player or Roku for movies!
    I don’t have a smartphone yet, but I can’t imagine not having a cell phone at all. Also, I see a tablet in my (hopefully near) future!

    • Yes, it would be hard core, but we could make it. Miss JoJo’s eyes bugged out when I told her what I had written in this blog post and how hard I thought it would be on her. We decided that we could keep our favorite toys charged as long as we had gas for the car, but what happens when the gas runs out? OH MY!?! Let’s hope we make it to Heaven instead of Hell on Earth. 😉

  2. I haven’t entered the smartphone world yet. I know once I do, it would be hard to go back! , I would go crazy without our computer and TV/Roku/DVD player ! My iPod keeps me sane when walking the dog! These aren’t “necessities”, but they sure add fun to life!!

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