Angel Crafts Offers Premium Craft Vinyl for & Discount Codes

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Angel Crafts Offers Craft Vinyl & Discount Code

Are you looking for craft vinyl to use with your Silhouette, Cricut, or other craft cutting machines?  I’m still new to the world of vinyl, my love of crafts is more in paper crafting.    But like most modern crafters, I get curious and want to play with all the goodies!

I bought a 20 pack roll of vinyl from a craft store a while back.  It had multiple colors in it and I figured it was at least a way to get my feet wet.  The colors were a bit disappointing and it was fairly lightweight, but it was fine to play with.

After coming down with a full blown case of Vinyl Fever, I lucked out and found a review for some vinyl.  It’s a really small company on Amazon who seem to be adding more products pretty quickly.  The company is called Angel Crafts and they’re on Amazon.

I was sent a roll of 9″ x 10′ of Craft Vinyl.  Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the plastic outer wrap and found a roll of Oracle of 631.  If you know anything about Vinyl for machines like Silhouette, Cricut, or whatever you may use, you know that this is THE brand preferred by most.  There is absolutely no comparison to the way the Oracle feels compared to the other vinyl I’ve previously purchased.

Of course, 631 should be used as a removable vinyl for projects like walls, mirrors, and other places that you don’t want to adhere to permanently.  The 651 is the vinyl used for permanent placements.  I will gladly admit that I’ve used 631 on things that ordinarily called for 651.  When you live in a small town, you do what you’ve got to do sometimes!  😉  Premium Vinyl

I’ve made a few different things with the white vinyl sent to me by Angel Crafts.  The first thing I made was a decal with double hearts and the names of my friends who were married last week.  Staying true to their wedding colors, I applied their names and wedding date using the white craft vinyl and red double hearts with the other stuff.  They absolutely LOVED how beautifully the decals came out.  One decal was applied to a small, light tan, 4″ x 4″ tile, the other to the back window of her car.  No, it’s not supposed to be used for exterior used like that, but she also plans to trade her car in very soon.

Premium Vinyl

I also made decals for my daughter and a friend of hers.  Our local high school’s letters are WHS and she wanted me to make a Paw Print for them with the letters inside.  Yes, I get points for being a good mommy this week.  😉  They’re thrilled with the way their decals came out!

Premium Vinyl Paw Print Decal

The Angel Craft vinyl cut and weeded beautifully. There is no doubt that I will be making more projects with vinyl purchased from Angel Crafts.  Do I recommend them to others?  Of course!

Try it for yourself with a special promotion code that is available for 24 hours only.  Order a 9″ x 10′ roll of White Vinyl from Angel Crafts for only $3, it’s the same roll that normally costs $13.95.  If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’ll also get free shipping.  Make sure to check your email to get your code.  The 24 hours start when you submit your email.

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