The ABCs of Yoga for Kids Calendar, Book, & Learning Cards

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Yoga seems to be one of the biggest trends in the exercise world these days.  The more I learn about yoga, the more I become interested in it. Even though The ABCs of Yoga for Kids are geared for those ages 3-8, I’m going to use them as an intro to yoga for myself.  After all, you don’t take the advanced class until you have a strong grip on the basic concepts.  I especially like the learning cards.  They have an illustration on one side and a kid-friendly description of the pose on the back side.

The ABCs of Yoga for Kids Calendar

The ABCs of Yoga for Kids Calendar, Book, & Learning Cards

The ABCs of Yoga for Kids Calendar — Contains 12 child-friendly yoga poses to practice each month. Using the alphabet, rhyming poems, and fun illustrations, each pose delightfully promotes flexibility and coordination, while encouraging kids to incorporate healthy activity into their daily lives.

The ABCs of Yoga for Kids Book

 The ABCs of Yoga for Kids is a fully illustrated and hardcover book that was created to help you enjoy practicing yoga with your kids. It features more than 50 colorful poses, many styled after animals that children adore. The book can be supplemented with illustrated kid’s yoga cards that can help them better memorize the different poses using a unique, engaging and fun approach.
The ABCs of Yoga for Kids learning cards
The ABCs of Yoga for Kids Calendar  Learning Cards – An easy and proven way to teach a child just about anything is via flash cards. Numerous studies exist that concur that colors incorporated into flash cards help instill a better brain pattern for memorizing different things. This aspect also applies to the wonderful art of yoga and in teaching it to your children—something made easier with a colorful set of beautifully illustrated and easy to understand flash cards.

Yoga Adventures with DownDog
Yoga Adventures with Down Dog is an interactive DVD where children will learn not only yoga postures, but also the alphabet, letter recognition, and spelling as well. Kids will delight in singing yoga songs, practicing simple yoga poses, and using letters of the alphabet to have fun and feel great while developing life skills at the same time.

The ABCs of Yoga for Kids Calendar, Book, & Learning Cards, plus Yoga Adventures with Down Dog are available at many of your favorite stores as well as online at Amazon.

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