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My friends over at Maple Leaf Mommy and Mom vs. the Boys have a new and fun meme that I’m taking part in.

The goal of ABC Friday is to photo share with a challenge!  Each week is a new letter theme, starting with A of course, we will work our way through the alphabet.  I’m coming on board with the letter H.  I may go back and add the other letters later on.

Just post a picture with the letter theme for that week…. A is for Auto, B is for Beach, C is for Cake….get the idea?
This is not Wordless Wednesday, feel free to share in words what the photo is all about! or not, it’s up to you!

If you want to take part in ABC Friday they ask you to link back to the host page in your post so that your readers can easily find them!   Make sure to link up your post, not your homepage!

If you leave a comment on my post, I’ll come and visit yours.  I would appreciate a direct link to your ABC Picture post with your comment.  Many thanks to those of you who already leave your link!

R is for…..Rabbits, Rainbows, and RosesABC Photo Share R Collage

It was so very easy for me to pick something to represent the letter Q, in comparison to R.  I obviously couldn’t decide on a single thing, so I picked out some favorites that go with letter R for me.

The rainbow picture was taken here in my town on an obviously stormy day.  I’m a true weather geek, deep down inside and it only got worse the summer that my best friend and I were in grad school and took our required meteorology class.  The picture was taken on a camera phone and I just recently found the memory card that had been in that phone.  I was excited to find this picture and wished that the camera was better than it was.  I love the swirl of clouds back behind the rainbow.  It makes you wonder how there can be a rainbow with those ominous looking clouds lingering so closely by.

The pink flower is called the Rose of Sharon.  Some classify the Rose of Sharon as a bush, others a shrub, while yet others will refer to it as a tree.  No matter what it technically is classified as, those in my neighborhood have grown to around ten feet tall and some are that big around.  I had lived here for several years before ever seeing it flower, so I was in for quite a treat once I saw the beautiful blooms.  I live in Mid MO, with Mark Twain National Forrest in my my backyard.  Both my neighbor and I have a Rose of Sharon in our front yards and both of ours bloom in mid to late July each summer.  I hadn’t seen the blooms until my third summer in my house because I was always away at school when my bush was blooming the first two years!  No matter how dry it may be, this is one bush that I make sure I always water, every summer, no matter what.

The rabbit is a Miniature Rex Bunny that my daughter found in our local farm store about four or five years ago.  I found the picture on the same digital memory card that I found the rainbow on and thought I should share it.  I had full size rabbits when I was a little younger than her, but I also lived out in the “real” country with lots of space for all kinds of different animals.  Back then, I also didn’t have the horrible allergies to furry animals that I have now.  So for now, Miss JoJo will have to settle on her sweet memories of this precious little rabbit that she got to love and cuddle for the afternoon.

Last but not least is a rose from my own flowerbed.  This flowerbed is pretty amazing because it stays pretty and colorful all summer.  It starts out with miniature daffodils, followed by yellow irises, and last comes the new pop of bright red color with the red, red roses.  I planted some more miniature roses in the same bed last summer, but I can’t remember what colors the roses were.  I guess I’ll know when I have a new jewel to pop up in the corners of my flowerbed.

With so much beauty all around, I’m sure you’ll see why it was so hard for me to settle on just one picture to represent the letter R.  Please feel free to tell me what the letter R stands for i your mind.

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