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My friends over at Maple Leaf Mommy and Mom vs. the Boys have a new and fun meme that I’m taking part in.

The goal of ABC Friday is to photo share with a challenge!  Each week is a new letter theme, starting with A of course, we will work our way through the alphabet.  I’m coming on board with the letter H.  I may go back and add the other letters later on.

Just post a picture with the letter theme for that week…. A is for Auto, B is for Beach, C is for Cake….get the idea?
This is not Wordless Wednesday, feel free to share in words what the photo is all about! or not, it’s up to you!

If you want to take part in ABC Friday they ask you to link back to the host page in your post so that your readers can easily find them!   Make sure to link up your post, not your homepage!

***If you leave a comment on my post, I’ll come and visit yours.  I would appreciate a direct link to your ABC Picture post with your comment.  Many thanks to those of you who already leave your link!***

M is for…..

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle BeachMy daughter and I went to Myrtle Beach last week for Spring Break.  It was absolutely beautiful and breathtaking!  This picture was taken just before sunset as Miss JoJo and I walked along the beach collecting seashells.  Just looking at this picture brings back the sound of the waves crashing on the beach.  We miss the peace and bliss already!


  1. Love your photo! We have been talking about visiting there for the past year. Where did you stay?

  2. My airline is starting to fly to Myrtle Beach and this is very exciting to me!! Is South of the Border still there? I wonder if it is as grand as my 10 year old self remembers. 🙂

  3. oh that looks so peaceful, I would love to fall asleep to the sound of waves crashing!

  4. Beautiful. I can’t read “Mrytle Beach” without thinking of my grand parents who used to travel there on vacation each spring.

  5. Oh….I wish that was right in front of me IRL. Love the beach!

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