10 FREEBIE Points for MyCokeRewards Members

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MyCokeRewardsIf you’re a fan of products made by Coca Cola, you want to sign up for all the great freebies you can get, simply by entering the codes found under the bottle caps  or printed on the inside of the cardboard boxes.


Plus, if you’re on Twitter, you can head over to this link and get another 10 bonus points.

Go to MyCokeRewards to Login or Signup

 Want GUARANTEED points for signing up? Send me an email (DealsFromMsDo@gmail.com) with MyCokeRewards Referral in the subject to get 50 points for signing up. My signup link MAY give you 50 points to sign up and 10 points to me for referring you. You will get NO points for signing up for MyCokeRewards without a referral. I check my email VERY frequently, especially when I’ve volunteered for a promotion like this.

FREE MyCokeRewards 12 Packs of Soda

My latest MyCokeRewards was ten free 12-packs of any Coca-Cola products.  My daughter has one account, I have another and between two different promotions we each scored five packs.  Now, I’ll pair the coupons with sales at one of the stores offering $$ off purchase with a $$ purchase.  I may even use these at KMart to qualify for double $1 coupons.

MyCokeRewards                  MyCokeRewards

These are MyCokeRewards

Before Christmas 2012, there were 12 Days of Holiday Rewards that enabled me to use my points to get LOTS of great gift cards for FREE!  On the day that I chose to redeem some of these great savings.  I used my $5 McDonald’s Gift Card from the rewards program to pay for my McNuggets.   Yep, those little bottlecaps paid for my McNuggets.  You know the old saying about one man’s trash?  Well, those lids are golden to me!  My drink was free, too, but I used a free Dollar Menu card to pay for it.  How did I get it?  I had a problem with my service a while back and called the 800 number to complain!  In return, they sent me a couple of little cards that were good for any item on the $1 menu. I even have $0.16 left on my McDonald’s Gift Card to use another time.

During the same 12 Days of Holiday Rewards program 2012, I was able to snag a coupon for a free 12-pack of select Coca-Cola products.  A week or so after the promotion was over, MyCokeRewards ran another special that allowed me to cash in more points for an additional four coupons to use on free Coca-Cola products. The 12-packs were on sale today for $3.50/12 pack.  The regular price is $4.99, but I paid absolutely NOTHING!

MyCokeRewards Gift Cards

This picture shows most of the gift cards that we received using MyCokeRewards.  Missing is a Domino’s Pizza (that must have gotten lost in the mail) and thee $25 gift card from Home Depot that I gave my dad for Christmas.  My daughter and I each have an account, so we were able to take advantage of the lower point value cards and each received one. from Domino’s and McDonald’s.

If you’re already a member of MyCokeRewards, leave me a message to let me know how you like the program.

And YES, they had another Gift Card promotion similar to this for Christmas 2013.

Thanks to Thrifty Momma Ramblings for the code and the Twitter Link, Drug Store Divas!

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